Lindos Tourist Places to Visit in Lindos, Greece, Europe

Lindos Tourist Places to Visit in Lindos, Greece, Europe

Lindos is a town in Rhodes Island situated at the south east part of the island, is a renowned beach resort and popular holiday destination in the island known for its acropolis sites. Lindos economy depends on tourism and fishing industries and tourists visit from all over the world throughout the year. Lindos is surrounded by Malonas, Kalathos, Lardos, Pefki, Gennadi, Archangelos and Lachania and situated the distance of 45 kilometers from Rhodes city and Athens, the capital city of Greece is situated at the distance of 635 kilometers from Lindos. Coordinates of Lindos are 36.0833° N, 28.0833° E.


History of Lindos:

Before the establishment of Dorinas rule in the region, it was dominated by the massive temple of Athena and constructed number of temples during 300 BC. Lindos was established around 10th century BC by the Dorians and it is the one of the six Dorian cities in the region. After the occupation of Greeks in 8th century, Lindos was the main trading hub but declined during the 5th century after the establishment of Rhodes city.


Tourist Attractions in Lindos:

Doric Temple of Athena Lindia:

Doric Temple of Athena Lindia is one of the renowned site in the island, dating back to 300 BC constructed on the ruins of the ancient temple tourists can view the statue of Athena.

Roman Temple:

Roman temple was one of the prominent temples during the Roman rule constructed around 300 AD, at present one can see the ruins of the temple is must visit location in Lindos.


St. John Castle:

St John castle is one of the oldest castles on the island constructed around 1317 on the groundwork’s of older Byzantine buttresses surrounded by mountains.


Other Places to Visit in Lindos:

  • Hellenistic Wall
  • Propylaea Sanctuary
  • Hellenistic Stoa
  • Greek Orthodox Church
  • St Paul’s Bay
  • Ancient Greek Theatre


Best time to visit Lindos:

Lindos is served by Mediterranean type of weather with hot summers and mild winters and normal temperature differs from 10° Celsius to 30° Celsius all through the year and best time to visit Lindos is from May to September.


Connectivity to Lindos:

By Air:

Rhodes International Airport is situated at the distance of 52 kilometers from Lindos is the main airport on the island operates domestic and international flights to cities in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Russia.


By Sea:

Rhodes Port is situated at the distance of 48 kilometers from Lindos town is one of the main ports on the island and had direct and scheduled ferry services to mainland Greece and Turkey.


By Road:

Lindos is one of the main towns on the island that is well connected through roadways and buses are the best and cheap mode of transportation to reach Lindos from distinct parts of the island and cars and bike are available for rent in Lindos town.


Accommodation in Lindos:

Lindos is one of the renowned towns in Rhodes visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and hotels provide all contemporary facilities and services for the tourists taking lodging facilities in Lindos. Tourists are advised to book the hotels well in advance during peak seasons prior to visiting the place so that they can find a suitable accommodation of their choice, requirements and as per their budget. List of hotels located in Lindos is as follows:

  • Lindos Boutique Rooms
  • Princess Andriana Resort & Spa
  • George Beach Studios
  • Villa Olive Grove
  • Haraki Mare Studios & Apartments
  • Paradis Studios
  • Agnanti Beach Studios
  • Anastasia Studios
  • Rodos Princess Beach Hotel
  • Best Western Hotel Plaza
  • Paul’s Garden Studios
  • Filoxenia Apartments & Studios

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