Rhodes Tourist Places to Visit in Rhodes, Greece, Europe

Rhodes Tourist Places to Visit in Rhodes, Greece, Europe

Rhodes Island is situated in the eastern part of Aegean Sea in Greece and the largest islands in Dodecanese spans over an area of 1,407.9 square kilometers (544 square miles) and lies at maximum elevation of 1,216 meters (3990 feet) above the sea level. The economy of the island depends on agriculture production, stockbreeding, fishing and winery and tourism is the main industry on the Rhodes Island and known for its cuisines and culture. Rhodes is situated at the distance of 630 kilometers from Athens, capital of Greece and coordinates are 36.1667° N, 28.0000° E.


History of Rhodes:

Rhodes Island has rich history and the island was inhabited from Neolithic period and Rhodes city played the major role during the Greek and Roman period and became prosperous through the trade. During the 7th century it became the part of Byzantine Empire followed by Venetians Genoese and Knights of Saint John.


Must Visit Attractions in Rhodes:

Valley of the Butterflies:

Valley of the Butterflies is one of the main attractions in the Rhodes Island that are colored moths and a protected area visited by thousands of tourists and surrounded by lush greenery.


Rhodes Old Town:

Rhodes Old Town will attract thousands of tourists from all over the world is one of the top conserved and most widespread medieval towns in Europe and the old town is surrounded by exotic castles, monuments and several museums.


Doric Temple of Athena Lindia:

Doric Temple of Athena Lindia is one of the renowned sites in the island, dating back to 300 BC constructed on the ruins of the ancient temple tourists can view the statue of Athena and other monuments in the temple.


Epta Piges:

Epta Piges is known as Seven Springs is situated between the mountains and visitors have to take a walking trail in the forest to reach the springs and springs are surrounded by stunning landscapes.


Other Places to Visit in Rhodes:

  • Castle of Kastellos
  • Castle of Monolithos
  • Palace of the Prince Grand Master
  • Street of Knights
  • Archbishops Palace
  • Annunciation church
  • Institute of Marine Biology
  • Rhodes Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Decorative Art
  • Asklipio


Best time to visit Rhodes:

Rhodes experiences Mediterranean climate and average temperature varies from 10° C to 30° C throughout the year and summer season is from June to September and cold season is from December to March and best time to visit Rhodes is from June to September.


Reaching Rhodes:

By Air:

Rhodes is served by three airports but Rhodes International Airport is the only airport that is used from public flights and it is located in Rhodes city is the 4th busiest airport in Greece operates domestic and international flights to various destinations in the world.


By Sea:

Rhodes is well connected through the port and served by five ports and Rhodes city port is the main port in the island that handles scheduled flights from mainland Greece and neighboring countries.


By Road:

Rhodes is well connected through road networks and buses are operated by RODA and KTEL operators and cars and motorbikes are commonly used on the Island.


Accommodation in Rhodes:

Rhodes offers a few optimum hotel lodging amenities to the travelers visiting the place throughout the year. Hotels in Rhodes range from 1 star to 4 star and provide world class living amenities for the convenience and comfort of the tourists and the tariffs vary from hotel to hotel. Customers can select a hotel of their choice, requirement and budget and book a hotel well in advance prior to visiting the place. List of hotels located in Rhodes are:

  • Best Western Hotel Plaza
  • Princess Andriana Resort & Spa
  • Rodos Princess Beach Hotel
  • Lindos Boutique Rooms
  • Haraki Mare Studios & Apartments
  • George Beach Studios
  • Anastasia Studios
  • Agnanti Beach Studios
  • Villa Olive Grove
  • Filoxenia Apartments & Studios
  • Atlantis City Hotel
  • Paul’s Garden Studios
  • Marika’s Aparts & Studios
  • Ataviros Hotel

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