Best Tourist Places to Visit in San Marino, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in San Marino, Europe

San Marino is a landlocked microstate, enclaved by Italy all the sides of the country. The City of San Marino is the capital and Dogana is the largest city of San Marino. The government of San Marino follows the unitary parliamentary constitutional republic system.


Geography of San Marino:

Located on the Italian Peninsula, San Marino is spread over an area of 61 sq. km holding a population approximately 30,000.


History of San Marino:

According to the recorded historical sources, what is current microstate San Marino which was founded by Saint Marinus or Aruba on 3 September 301 with the foundation of a small church. The constitution of San Marino came into existence in 8 October 1600 and San Marino joined the United Nations group in 1992.


Getting San Marino:

There is no airport in San Marino, so the international tourists are needed to reach Federico Fellini International Airport or Rimini Miramare Airport in Italy and then take taxi or bus from there to San Marino. This airport is located around 20 km northeast of the centre of San Marino and recives seasonal flights from Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Moscow and other global destinations.

From Rimini in Italy, it costs around €9 to San Marino by bus.


Getting around San Marino:

The city of San Marino is easily gettable by foot and rental vehicles are also available for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in San Marino:

San Marino is rich in culture known for its Love Orchestra, the University of the Republic of San Marino and the Three Towers of San Marino. Italian is the official as well as widely spoken language in San Marino.

Some popular dishes in San Marino include Torta Di Tre Monti and piadina. The cuisine style of San Marino is similar to Italian.

Euro is the currency used in San Marino and the products like camera and other electronic items are cheaper in San Marino.


Things to do in San Marino:

  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Walking


Tourist Attractions in San Marino:


Basilica di San Marino:

The Basilica di San Marino is the important church of the City of San Marino, constructed in 1838 in the neoclassical style of architecture. This Roman Catholic church is devoted to the founder and patron of San Marino, Saint Marinus.


Palazzo Pubblico:

Being the administrative centre and the town hall of the San Marino city, the Palazzo Pubblico is the major landmark as well as tourist attraction of San Marino. It was constructed between 1884 and 1894 and the designer of this historic building is the renowned Roman architect Francesco Azzurri.


Monte Titano:

Measuring an elevation of 739 meters, the Monte Titano is the highest mountain in San Marion, located close to the San Marino city. Together with the San Marino Historic Centre, the Monte Titano was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.


Other places of interest in and around San Marino include:

  • Cesta tower
  • Piazza della Liberta
  • Guaita
  • State Museum of San Marino
  • Museo delle Armi Moderne San Marino
  • Museo delle curiosita
  • San Marino Nature Park
  • Museo dell’Emigrante
  • Porta San Francesco
  • Palazzo Sums
  • Museo della Tortura
  • Museo “Creature della Notte
  • Palazzo Sums
  • The Church of San Francesco
  • Il Mondo di Leonardo
  • Museo Delle Cere


Ideal time to visit San Marino:

San Marino experiences a Mediterranean climate with cool winters and warm summers. As like other European cities, between April and October is the ideal time to visit San Marino.


Accommodation Options in San Marino:

San Marino is home to numerous international standard accommodation centres providing all the basic and upgraded facilities at affordable budget. For cheaper hotels, one can refer hotels of nearby Rimini in Italy. List of prime hotels in San Marino include:

  • Grand Hotel San Marino
  • Hotel Ristorante Cesare
  • Hotel Bellavista
  • Hotel Titano
  • Ixo Hotel
  • Ristorante Hotel Anna
  • Hotel La Rocca
  • Garden Village San Marino
  • Hotel La Grotta
  • Affitta Camere Franciosi
  • Hotel Quercia Antica
  • Hotel Villa Giardi
  • Hotel Joli
  • Hotel Ristorante Rosa

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