Tourist Places to Visit in Jelenia Gora, Poland, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Jelenia Gora, Poland, Europe

Jelenia Gora is located in the south west part of Poland in Lower Silesia Voivodeship. Jelenia Gora is renowned for the Krkonose mountain ranges that share the border with Czech and Jelenia Gora means “Deer Mountain” in Polish and German. Jelenia Gora covers an area of 109.2 square kilometers (42 square miles) and situated at highest altitude of 1,416 meters (4,296 feet) above the sea level.

Jelenia Gora is known for sports like cycling, aviation, kayaks and hiking and renowned for tourism destinations too. Jelenia Gora is surrounded by Kaczorow, Kowary, Szklarska Poreba, Bolkow, Marciszow, Kamienna Gora and Lwowek Slaski is located at the distance of 470 kilometers from Warsaw capital of Poland. Coordinates of Jelenia Gora are 50.9033° N, 15.7344° E.


Tourism in Jelenia Gora:

Chojnik Castle:

Chojnik Castle is the main attraction in Jelenia Gora and located at the distance of 10 kilometer in Sobieszów vicinity and the castle was constructed on top of the Chojnik Mountain located at altitude of 627 meters (2,057 feet) above the sea level and surrounded by breathtaking valley and forests, is must visit destination in Jelenia Gora.


Kaczawskie Mountains:

Kaczawskie Mountains are the chain of mountains located in Jelenia Gora city is a snow covered mountain located at normal elevation of 600 meters and length of 30 kilometers and highest peak is Skopiec, 724 meters above the sea level.


Przełęcz Karkonoska:

Przełęcz Karkonoska shares the border with Czech located at an elevation of 1,198 meters (3,930 feet) above the sea level and covered with fauna and snow and offers stunning views of the Mother Nature.


Śląskie Kamienie:

Śląskie Kamienie is a “Silesian Rocks” placed at the distance of 19 kilometers from heart of the city is a clone hill and a rock structure and a renowned location in the city that can be visited by tour guide.


Other places to visit in Jelenia Gora:

  • Wojanowska Gate
  • Anne Chapel
  • Basilica of St.Erasmus
  • Holy Cross Church
  • Town Hall Square
  • Schaffgotsch Palace
  • Jagniątkowski Black Cauldron
  • Zdrojowy and Norwegian Parks


Best time to visit Jelenia Gora:

Jelenia Gora is served by temperate climate and average temperature ranges from -4° C to 25° C throughout the year and best time to visit Jelenia Gora is from May to September.


Reaching Jelenia Gora:

Jelenia Gora is extensively linked by road, rail and air mode of transport as many highways, expressways crisscross Jelenia Gora that makes the town fairly effortlessly reachable by road. Regular intercity bus services are available from Jelenia Gora to nearest city Wroclaw at standard point of time. Jelenia Gora is also well connected by rail network as many trains connect Jelenia Gora to Wroclaw, Walbrzyuch, Poznan and Krakow. Other modes of local public transport are bicycles and trains which connect Jelenia Gora to nearby places. Jelenia Gora is about 115 kilometers from the nearest airport Copernicus Airport Wroclaw in Wroclaw with direct flights to Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow and Gdansk and to other cities in Europe.


Accommodation in Jelenia Gora:

Jelenia Gora is nestled among the imposing mounts with a spotless and pleasing atmosphere and astonishing picturesque scenes and hotels in Jelenia Gora range from budget to ultra luxury hotels with astounding comfortable and spacious rooms and offers facilities such as 24 running water- hot and cold, flat TV with cable, free Wi-Fi, sauna, spa, laundry service, etc. all this with a tariff varying from $ 30 to $ 350 and above per day. List of hotels in Jelenia Gora are as follows:

  • Mercure Jelenia Gora
  • Hotel Jelonek
  • Hotel Tango
  • Palac Paulinum
  • Palac na Wodzie
  • Hotel Bis
  • Hotel Caspar
  • Hotel Las Piechowice
  • Hotel Chata Za Wsią
  • Pension Chalupa
  • Palac Pakoszow
  • Hotel Palac Staniszow
  • Willa Róża Wiatrów

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