Best Tourist Places to Visit in Paide, Estonia, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Paide, Estonia, Europe

Paide is a small town however the capital of Jarva County in Estonia covering an area of 10.036 square kilometers (3.875 square miles). Paide is the renowned town in the county and castle and church in the Paide town are visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.

Paide is surrounded by Mao, Tarbja, Vaatsa, Poaka, turi-Alliku, Turi, Sargvere, Nurmsi and Anari towns and situated at the distance of 90 kilometers from Tallinn, capital of Estonia and coordinates of Paide are 58.8833° N, 25.5572° E.


Attractions in Paide:

Järvamaa Museum:

Järvamaa Museum is positioned in the middle of the town was established in the year 1905 and the museum has collection of 200 objects interior of the Paide old pharmacy that was donated in 1912 and the museum is open from Tuesday till Saturday.


Vaatsa Manor:

Väätsa Manor is placed at the distance of 7 kilometers from center of the town is the single-storey granite building, sits on tall fundamentals and has a gabled top, constructed during the early 19th century and the manor park is ideal for walk and picnics and is open to the public at all time.


Paide Town Hall:

Paide Town Hall is one of the main building in the town was constructed in the year 1920 to restore an ancient wooden building and can be visited with tour guide only and permission taken in prior to visit the site.


Paide Castle:

Paide castle is one of the oldest castles in the country was constructed in 1265, with 6 storey’s but was destroyed during the Livonian War, by Russian troops and later the castle was reconstructed between 1895-1897 is the best castle to visit.


Paide Holy Cross Church:

Paide Holy Cross Church was the first church constructed in 13th century and the church was renovated in 1786 but was smashed in a fire accident in the year 1845 and the new church was constructed in the year 1847, is unique among Estonian churches due to its tower.


Other places to visit in Paide:

  • Gallery Walge
  • Paide Vallitorn and Ruins of the Order Castle
  • Memorial Stone to Four Kings on Paide
  • Limestone Sculptures
  • Reopalu Cemetery


Climate in Paide:

Paide faces humid continental climate with cool winter and warm summer and climate will be pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Paide is from May to September.


Transportation at Paide:

Paide is situated in the center of the country and linked through national highway 5 and 2 from Tallinn and Parnu cities and numerous buses will pass through the town connecting to southern parts of the country. Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is placed around 90 kilometers from center of the town in Paide is one of the main international airport in the country has scheduled and daily flights to major cities in Europe and Russia. Trains are the best mode of transportation for the long distance travel in the country.


Accommodation in Paide:

Paide hotel boasts facilities to keep tourists fruitful while wandering on leisure and hotels are close to attractions guests will take pleasure in the relaxed bedding in spacious guest rooms, as well as deluxe facilities and offers 24-hour fitness center, safe-deposit boxes and laundry/dry cleaning services, high-speed wired and wireless internet access as well. Some of the hotels in Paide are listed here below:

  • Eivere Manor
  • Sleep In Guest Apartment
  • Jarva House
  • Veskisilla hotel
  • Maaritza Holiday Cottage
  • Esnankeidas Hostel
  • Trofee Hotel
  • Kau Manor

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