Places to Visit in Kemer, Turkey, Europe

Places to Visit in Kemer, Turkey, Europe

Kemer is a resort town belonging to the province of Antalya in Turkey, situated around 40 km from the Antalya city and 570 km from Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It is situated on the Gulf of Antalya covering a total area of 467.75 sq. km. With many internationally renowned white sandy beaches, international water sport events and archeological sites, Kemer plays important part of the Turkey’s tourism industry.

Kemer features a hot Mediterranean climate with cool and rainy winters and long and dry summers. Kemer is geographically positioned between 36°36′ N latitude and 30°33′ E longitude.


History of Kemer:

Until 1917, Kemer had the name of Eski Köy and the present name indicates 23 km long stone wall of the old village. Until the early 1980s, Kemer was an isolated area without a road connection and its tourism prominence began to spread all over the country with the construction of road, funded by the World Bank.


How to reach Kemer?

Kemer is served by the Antalya Airport with international flights from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, Rome, Vienna and many other global destinations. By car, it takes around one hour and 3 hour by bus to cross the distance of about 42 km from the airport to the Kemer.

The local transportation needs of Kemer are catered by buses, cars and rental vehicles. Also many restaurants and beaches in Kemer offer free local travel service to visitors.


Shopping and Food in Kemer:

One can find all types of both modern and traditional shops in Kemer that are shared between all the parts of the town. Most of the shops in the town accept credit cards for visitors’ convenience.

Some nice restaurants in Kemer are listed below:

  • Merhaba Garden Restaurant
  • Casa De Flor Restaurant & Cafe
  • Merhaba Restaurant
  • Pirate Captain Restaurant
  • Dolphin Fish Restaurant


Things to do in Kemer:

  • Hiking
  • Visiting archeological sites
  • vale tours


Places of interest in Kemer:

Adrasan Bay:

The Adrasan Bay is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Kemer, measuring a length of 2 kilometers with plenty of entertainment centres, restaurants and cafes.

Liman Street:

Liman Street or Liman Caddesi is a landmark street of Kemer, featuring a variety of shops with locally made handicrafts, carpets, ornaments and artworks. One can also see police station on the street.


Mount Chimaera:

Located few kilometers away from Kemer, the Mount Chimaera is phenomenal site known for the flame of natural burning rock which has been happening since the ancient Greek period. It can be experienced best during evening time.



Belonged to ancient Greeks, Phaselis are the historical ruins, situated in the vicinity of Tekirova town in the district Kemer and around 16 km west of Kemer town. The Romans had also settled in the area after Greeks.


Historical sites in Kemer:

The town of Kemer itself has many historical sites of which the Byzantine church and a hunting lodge dating back to the Seljuk Turkish period are famous among tourists.


List of other places of interest in Kemer includes:

  • Nomad Theme Park
  • Octopus Diving Center
  • Aura Club
  • Ottaman Spa
  • Teras Bar
  • Monkey Disko Bar
  • Babel Palace Spa
  • Dolphin Bar
  • Taurus Mountains
  • The village of Ulupınar
  • İkiz Kayalar
  • The Çıralı village
  • Üç Adalar


Best time to visit Kemer:

The ideal time to visit Kemer is from April to October to explore beautiful beaches.


Accommodation options in Kemer:

Kemer houses around 250 accommodation centres categorized as hotels around 150, BB and inns around 60 and around 60 vacation rentals. Advance booking is offered by most hotels of the city. The major hotels in Kemer are as follows:

  • Club Med Beldi
  • Club Med Kemer
  • Club Med Palmiye
  • Pasha’s Princess Hotel
  • Amara Wing Resort Kemer
  • PGS World Palace
  • Akka Alinda Hotel
  • Club Boran Mare Beach
  • Orange County Resort
  • Viking Star Hotel
  • Azur Hotel CIralI
  • Garden Resort Bergamot Hotel
  • PGS Kiris Resort
  • Joy Kiris World Hotel
  • Fantasia Hotel De Luxe

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