Telsiai Tourist Places to Visit in Telsiai, Lithuania, Europe

Telsiai Tourist Places to Visit in Telsiai, Lithuania, Europe

Telsiai is a Lithuanian city situated on the shores of the Lake Mastis between 55°59′0″ N latitude and 22°15′0″ E longitude. It is the seat of both Telsiai County and Samogitia region. Telsiai is a historical city known for its museums, educational institutions and gymnasiums other than historical sites.


Geography of Telsiai:

Telsiai is located about 220 km northwest of the second largest city of the country, Kaunas and 300 km northwest of Vilnius, the capital and largest city of Lithuania.


History of Telsiai:

According to the historical sources, Telsiai existed before the 14th century and founded by a knight Džiugas. The name of the city may be derived from a rivulet called Telsė. Some of the major historical landmarks in Telsiai include Telšiai Cathedral and Telšiai Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius Priest Seminary.


Connectivity to Telsiai:

Telsiai is served by Palanga International Airport situated about 85 km from the centre of Telsiai city and operates flights to London, Dublin, Oslo, Moscow, Copenhagen, Riga, served by Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines, RusLine, Air Lituanica and airBaltic.

Telsiai is situated about 315 km away from the main airport of the country, Vilnius International Airport.

Telsiai has a good connectivity with Vilnius, Klaipėda and Radviliski by scheduled train services and bus network is also equally good between these cities.

Public buses operate from 4AM to 11PM in Telsiai and taxi is an additional option to get around.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Telsiai:

Telsiai has a rich culture describing it to visitors through its museums and theaters like Samogitian Museum Alka, Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia and the Drama Theater of Žemaitė.

Telsiai houses dozens of modernized shopping centres and food corners and some of the fine restaurants in Telsiai are listed below:

  • Cafe-bar BRANSA
  • Cafe Lysithea
  • Pizzeria BELLA NAPOLI
  • Cafe Germantas VILLA


Things to do in Telsiai:

  • Walking
  • Visiting lakes and museums
  • Shopping


Places to see in Telsiai:


Telšiai Cathedral:

Being a prime religious site as well as a tourist attraction, the Telsiai Cathedral is a sublime Roman Catholic cathedral, constructed in the year 1794 and a tower was added in 1859. The cathedral features a mixture of Baroque and Classicism architectural style.


Samogitian Museum Alka:

The Samogitian Museum Alka is a very famous museum in the Samogitia region, founded in the year 1932. This museum houses all the type of objects including artifacts, paintings and objects related to technology.


Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia:

The Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia is a typical museum featuring several 19th century homesteads including a special windmill.


Other places of interests in and around Telsiai are as follows:

  • Church of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven
  • Telšiai Railway Station
  • Telšiai Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius Priest Seminary
  • Telšiai Karolina Praniauskaitė Regional Public Library
  • Jonušo Samogitian-Japanese-Chinese Homestead-Museum
  • Turgaus square
  • The Drama Theater of Žemaitė
  • The First School of Telšiai Town
  • Old Town of Telšiai
  • Lake Mastis
  • The Mazeikiu Municipality Public Library


Best time to visit Telsiai:

Telsiai can be visited during the summer months while the weather will be supportive for sightseeing.


Accommodation Options in Telsiai:

Telsiai is renowned for its culture, history and festival celebrations as well as upgraded hotels with standard facilities and services. It is advised for tourists to book hotels well in advance prior to reaching Telsiai through online to get hotel rooms as per their requirement and budget. The prominent hotels in and around Telsiai are as follows:

  • Sinchronas Guesthouse
  • Pas Stefa Guest House
  • Bransa
  • Astrum Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Vasgena
  • Hotel Palma
  • Laisves 30
  • Linelis Hotel
  • Hotel Synet
  • Hotel Plinksiu
  • Hotel Porto
  • Vila Dubgiris
  • Mortos Sveciu Namai
  • Prie Luksto
  • Plateliai
  • Zemsuoda

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