Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Fethiye, Turkey, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Fethiye, Turkey, Europe

Fethiye is a city as well as a district belonging to the province of Muğla Province in the region of Aegean in Turkey, spanning a total area of 2,955.08 sq. km. It is a popular summer resort renowned for its spectacular white sandy beaches and hospitality services provided by resorts in the city. Fethiye also houses many well known historical sites including Tomb of Amyntas.

Fethiye features a Mediterranean climate with long and dry summers and wet and short winters. Fethiye is situated at 36°39′5″ N 29°7′23″ E, about 200 km southwest of the famous summer resort city Antalya and 800 km south of Istanbul.


History of Fethiye:

Fethiye is a modern city originated on the place of the historic city of Telmessos which was founded in 5th century BC by the Lycians. The city got its name from Fethi Bey in 1934 who was the Ottoman Air Force’s one of the primus pilots.


How to reach Fethiye?

Dalaman Airport is the nearest airport to Fethiye, situated around 50 km away from Fethiye and handles flights from to London, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Berlin and many other prime European destinations.

The Turkey’s one of the largest airports, Antalya Airport is located around 210 km away from Fethiye.

The bus connectivity of Fethiye extends to Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul. It takes around 14 hours and costs 60 TL pp from Istanbul to Fethiye.

Generally foreign tourists use motor-powered scooters to get around Fethiye as it is easy to ride.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Fethiye:

The Fethiye Museum is the main cultural centre of Fethiye with both temporary and permanent exhibitions associated to the culture and history of Fethiye.

Fethiye Market in Fethiye is famous for traditional shopping and the city also houses plenty of modern shops all around.

List of the reputed restaurants in Fethiye include:

  • Karabina Bistro Cafe
  • Meydan Meat & Fish Restaurant
  • Cubana Cocktail Bar
  • Calis Beach Restaurant


Things to do in Fethiye:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Lounging
  • Parasailing
  • Paragliding
  • Canoeing


Places of interest in Fethiye:

The Fethiye Museum:

The Fethiye Museum is a place where visitors can get the complete history of Fethiye including the different civilizations settled in the region beginning with the Lycians. Collections are interesting.


Tomb of Amyntas:

The tomb of Amyntas dates back to 350 BC, was constructed by the Lycians. The tomb is well known for its big size and eye-catching carvings. It is a watch worth.


Kadyanda Ancient City:

Located around 24 km away from Fethiye, Kadyanda Ancient City is home to different ancient attractions like Roman baths, Hellenistic theatre, cave tombs and temples. It is believed that, Kadyanda is more than 2500 years old.


Çaliş Plaji:

Çaliş Plaji is the main beach of Fethiye situated in the north of the city. It is frequented by both locals and visitors to enjoy different water sport activities like parasailing, paragliding, canoeing and swimming.



Öludeniz is a town located 2 miles away from Fethiye renowned for its beach spit which has a dignity of the Mediterranean region’s most photographed beach. It is a worth visit.


List of other places of interest in Fethiye includes:

  • Karmylassos
  • Saklikent Gorge
  • Pinara Antique City
  • Downtown Fethiye
  • Billy’s Beach
  • Ancient Rock Tombes
  • Selale Yaka Park
  • Gemiler Island
  • Sultans Aqua City
  • Arena Go Kart
  • Kabak Koyu
  • Seahorse Diving Centre
  • Desperado Horse Ranch
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Girdev Camp


Best time to visit Fethiye:

From May to September is the best time to visit Fethiye in Turkey to enjoy the beauty of beaches.


Accommodation options in Fethiye:

Fethiye is lined with mix of star rated and mid range hotels, resorts, BB and inns. Budget hotels are concentrated on the outskirts of the city with all basic facilities. The prominent hotels in Fethiye in Turkey are listed below:

  • Yacht Classic Hotel
  • Hillside Beach Club
  • Montana Pine Resort
  • Caretta Apart Hotel
  • Oykun Hotel
  • Ece Saray Marina & Resort
  • Delta Hotel
  • Majesty Club Tuana Park
  • Hotel Club E
  • Ece Boutique Hotel
  • Alesta Yacht Hotel
  • Yacht Boutique Hotel
  • Nicholas Heights Deluxe Suite Hotel
  • Jiva Beach Resort
  • Majesty Marina Vista Fethiye

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