Tourist Placces to Visit in Suomussalmi, Finland, Europe

Tourist Placces to Visit in Suomussalmi, Finland, Europe

Suomussalmi is a municipality belonging to the region of Kainuu in Finland covering an area of 5,857.59 square kilometers. Ammansaari is the largest settlement in the municipality of Suomussalmi.

Suomussalmi is the home town of many renowned finishes such as Heikki Kovalainen (Formula One racing driver), Ilmari Kianto (author), Janne Pesonen (ice hockey player) and Osmo Tapio Räihälä (composer).


Geography of Suomussalmi:

Lying between 64°53′ N latitude and 028°55′ E longitude, Suomussalmi is located about 140 km south of Kuusamo, 275 km northeast of Kuopio and 665 km northeast of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


History of Suomussalmi:

Suomussalmi was also the site of the Winter War (1939–40) that was fought between Soviet Union and Finland and the Battle of Suomussalmi and the Battle of Raate were the parts of the Winter War.


How to reach Suomussalmi?

There is no public airport in Suomussalmi, so the nearest major international airport to Suomussalmi is Oulu Airport which is located about 200 km away from Suomussalmi with scheduled flights to Stockholm, Funchal, Alicante, Gran Canaria, Helsinki and charter flights to Tenerife and Chania.

E63 is the highway connecting Suomussalmi to neighboring cities and towns.

The closet railway stations to Suomussalmi are Kontiomäki Railway Station and Kajaani Railway Station, situated 85 km and 105 km respectively.

Buses are regular between Suomussalmi and Kajaani and taxis and cars are additional options for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Suomussalmi:

Suomussalmi is rich in culture housing many exhibition centers and museums. It is also the birthplace of composer Osmo Tapio Räihälä and author Ilmari Kianto.

Suomussalmi is home to plenty of grills, cafes and restaurants and the major food corners are listed below:

  • Restaurant The Old Master
  • Suomussalmen Club Room
  • Star Burger
  • Restaurant Old Order Kurimo
  • Suomussalmen Kotipizza


Things to do in Suomussalmi:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Berry picking
  • Hiking
  • Fishing


What to see in Suomussalmi?

Hossa hiking area:

Hossa hiking area is the most famous tourist site in Suomussalmi, spread over an area of 9000 hectors. It was the site of a national tour in 2010.


Hotel Kiannon Kuohut:

Hotel Kiannon Kuohut is located in the Kainuu forests offering top class recreational spa as well as beauty treatments. Advance booking will be better.


Military history museum in Suomussalmi:

Suomussalmi’s military history museum describes on the complete history of the Winter War that was fought between Soviet Union and Finland with photographs and objects.


List of other places of interest in Suomussalmi includes:

  • Ilmari Kianto Ter Castle
  • The Silent People
  • Hietajärvi Viena Karelian villages
  • Local handicraft shops
  • Village Hill Memorial
  • Raate Guard Museum
  • First Church Memorial
  • The Winter Suomussalmi exhibition Raate Port
  • Pike Stern Memorial
  • Winter War Monument
  • Ukrainian Memorial
  • War Memorial
  • Ilmari Kianto Statue


When to visit Suomussalmi?

The months between May and September are best to enjoy holidays in Suomussalmi.


Where to stay in Suomussalmi?

Suomussalmi is home to 2 reputed hotels, 5 camping options, around 30 cottages, 2 vacation rentals, a BB and many other standard accommodation centers. Cottages in Suomussalmi charges 35 € / night with facilities like refrigerator, electric stove, fireplace, pier, beds, bath, toilet, hot and cold water, electric lighting, heating, plate and more. The best accommodation options in Suomussalmi are listed below:

  • Hotel Kianto Kuohut
  • Camping Piispansaunat Ky
  • Wilderness Hossa Ltd
  • Holiday Cottages Paasovaara
  • Cottage Laatikainen
  • Arola Farm Holidays
  • Hossa Holiday
  • Karhunkainalo Camping
  • Pennile Vacation Rentals
  • Wild North
  • log cabins Siirtolan
  • Martinselkonen Wilderness Centre
  • Korpi Corner Tavern
  • Aho’s Cottage Beach
  • Villa Väisälä
  • Niemelä’s cottage

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