Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Liepaja, Latvia, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Liepaja, Latvia, Europe

Liepaja is a city located in the western Latvia between latitude 56°30′42″ in the north and longitude 21°00′50″ in the east. It is the 3rd largest city in Latvia behind Riga and Daugavpils holding a major ice-free port. Liepaja belongs to the region of Kurzeme housing many reputed educational institutions of the county namely the University of Liepaja, the Liepaja Applied Art School and the Liepaja Marine College.


Geography of Liepaja:

Situated on the Baltic Sea, Liepaja is spread over an area of 60.4 sq. km, around 215 km southwest of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Liepaja experiences a temperate marine climate with a cool summer and mild winter.


History of Liepaja:

It is believed that, Curonian fishermen of Piemare were the first settlers of Liepaja, with the foundation of the settlement on the Liva River called Liva which takes its name from the river deriving from the Livonian term Liiv (sand). Liepaja was one of the prime cities during the Soviet Union rule in Latvia.


Connectivity to Liepaja:

The Palanga International Airport is the closest airport to Liepaja, located around 65 km away from Liepaja with scheduled flights to Riga, Copenhagen, Oslo and seasonal flights to Dublin, London, and Moscow.

The Riga international Airport is situated about 220 km east of Liepaja and operates flights from and to the major European cities including Rome, Frankfurt and Madrid.

Liepaja has a good connectivity with Riga, Kuldiga and Ventspils by regular bus services and it costs about 6.40 Lats from Riga to Liepaja. Railway connection is also good to Riga.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Liepaja:

Liepaja is the place of many grand festivals including the Baltic Beach Party. Liepaja also houses many museums concentrating on the history and culture of the region.

The major shopping options in Liepaja include:

  • Ostmala
  • XL Sala
  • Ezerkrasts
  • Kurzeme

List of the fine restaurants in Liepaja include:

  • Barons Bumbiers
  • Fontaine Royal
  • Old Captain
  • Kolumbs


Things to do in Liepaja:

  • Windsurfing
  • Swimming
  • Visiting historical sites


Places of Interest in Liepaja:

Beaches in Liepaja:

The whitest sandy beaches are the top tourist attractions of Liepaja and the major beaches include Vecliepaja and Dienvidrietumi. There is a biggest music festival of Latvia was held at the central beach of Liepaja.


Seaside Park:

Situated in the western portion of the Liepaja city, the Seaside Park or Jurmala Park is spread over an area of 70 hectors measuring a length of 3 km. It is home to a bowling center, 3 stadiums, mini-golf, many attractive plants and colorful events in the summer months.


Craftman’s House:

Housing world’s longest amber necklace (123 meters), the Craftman’s House is one of the major tourist destinations in Liepaja. A necklace has a weight of around 20 kg.


Other places of attractions near Liepaja include:

  • Saint Anne’s Church
  • Statue of Hermes
  • Joseph’s Cathedral
  • Liepāja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral
  • The Saint Trinity Cathedral
  • Meynard’s Church
  • Liepaja Lake
  • Orthodox cathedral
  • Submarine Accumulator Fence and Hangar
  • Twinned town of Chernobyl
  • Horse Arena
  • Temporary Art Gallery
  • Karosta Prison
  • The Liepaja Museum
  • Libava Fortress


Best time to visit Liepaja:

From the beginning of August to the end of September is the best time to travel Liepaja to explore beautiful beaches.


Accommodation Options in Liepaja:

Tourists can choose any kind hotels in Liepaja as per their requirement and budget condition including five star, mid range and cheap. For budget travelers, hostels are ideal. The prominent hotels in Liepaja are listed below:

  • Liepaja Travellers Hostel
  • Promenade Hotel
  • Hotel Kolumbs
  • Pie Jana Liepaja
  • Europa City Amrita Hotel
  • Motelis Veju Paradize
  • Fontaine Hotel
  • Hotel Fontaine Royal
  • Chill Inn
  • Sport Hotel
  • Hotel Vilhelmine
  • Jurnieka Ligzda
  • Hotel Jugend
  • Libava Hotel
  • Hotel Villa Jana
  • Camping Vinrozes

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