Tourist Places to Visit in Voronezh, Russia, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Voronezh, Russia, Europe

Voronezh is located in the center of Voronezh River and the administrative hub of Voronezh Oblast in Russia. Voronezh is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Voronezh Oblast and surrounded by greenery and river that attracts most of the tourists throughout the year. Voronezh is home of some of industries and educational institutions and home of some of renowned personalities. Voronezh is surrounded by Stupino, Usman, Endovishche, Latnaya, Novovoronezh, Anna, Verkhnee Turovo, and Stray Oskol and Moscow, capital of Russia is positioned at the distance of 516 kilometers from Voronezh. Coordinates of Voronezh are 51.6708° N, 39.2142° E.


History of Voronezh:

According to the historians, it is believed that humans establishment themselves from Stone Age and named after the River Voronezh that flows from both the sides of the city. Tsar Peter the Great constructed the dockyard in the region during 17th century and town started to develop and later various churches, cathedral and monuments were established in the town. In the year 1711, Voronezh became one of the largest cities of South Russia in short period of time. During 19th century numerous industries were established in the Voronezh city.


Voronezh Tourism:

Prospekt Revolyutsii:

Prospekt Revolyutsii is situated in the middle of the Voronezh city is one of the beautiful and most visited avenue in the city and surrounded by historical buildings, cafes, shops and hotels and visited by locals every day.


Annunciation Cathedral:

Annunciation Cathedral is situated around 2 kilometers from Voronezh city center and is the 4th tallest Orthodox Church in the world and bounded by fence with Soviet symbol and visited by number of tourists in and around Russia.


Interesting places to visit in Voronezh:

  • Koltsovskiy Skver
  • Admiralteyskaya Square
  • Lizyukova Street
  • Lenin Square
  • Puppet Theater


Best time to visit Voronezh:

Voronezh experiences humid continental climate with short summers from May to September and long winters from October to April and best time to visit Voronezh is from May to September.


How to reach Voronezh?

By Air:

Voronezh International Airport is the medium size airport located at the distance of 18 kilometers from middle of the city and has direct flights to cities like Moscow, Munich, Prague, Yerevan, Antalya, Barcelona, Corfu, Heraklion, Podgorica, Pula, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Tivat etc.


By Train:

Train is the most convenient and best way to reach Voronezh city from main cities in Russia and most of the train services to the city is provided by South Eastern Railways of the Russian Railways and connects from Moscow, Kiev, Kursk, Novorossiysk, Sochi, and Tambov.


By Road:

Voronezh receives buses from neighboring cities and towns and trolleybuses, trams and buses are accessible to travel within the city.


Hotels in Voronezh:

Voronezh is situated on the banks of River Voronezh and surrounded by lush greenery and landscapes and hotels provide astonishing superlative conveniences and services to the tourists taking accommodation in such hotels. Hotels range from budget to luxury and tourists can decide a hotel of their choice based on their requirements, needs and budget and hotels in Voronezh offer facilities like internet services, fitness centre, indoor swimming pool, dry cleaning, shops in hotel, 24-hour front desk, meeting/banquet facilities, parking, laundry and few other services. List of hotels located in Voronezh are:

  • Azimut Hotel Voronezh
  • Hampton by Hilton Voronezh
  • Art Hotel Voronezh
  • Hotel Benefit Plaza
  • Amaks Park Hotel
  • Nataly-Elite Mini-Hotel
  • Hotel Ukraina
  • Guest House Faraon
  • Valeri Classic
  • House of Scientists
  • Nataly-Elite Apartments Central
  • Krysha Hostel
  • Bronzovy Kaban Avtorsky Hotel

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