Belek Tourist Places to Visit in Belek, Turkey, Europe

Belek Tourist Places to Visit in Belek, Turkey, Europe

Belek is a town belonging to the Serik district in Antalya Province of Turkey. It is situated around 45 km east of the largest international sea resort of Turkey, Antalya, 500 km southeast of Izmir and 730 km south-southeast of Istanbul. The common population of Belek is around 1000 and it reaches up to 10,000 duirng high season.

Belek is one of the major parts of the tourism industry of Turkey holding many natural and manmade tourist attractions including amazing Kurşunlu Waterfall. Belek is not far from the popular ancient Roman and Greek cities Perga and Aspendos. Belek coordinates with 36°51′ N latitude and 31°03′ E longitude.

Belek was the site of the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final in 2012 and the Turkish Airlines Open in 2013. Belek houses 30 plus 4 and 5 star hotels.


How to reach Belek?

Due o its nearness with Antalya, reaching Belek wouldn’t be a difficult task for visitors. Antalya Airport is located only around 35 km away from Belek with frequent flight services from all around Europe including global cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Athens, Istanbul and Amsterdam.

Yellow cab or taxis are always ready to serve visitors at airport, otherwise visitors can use a pre-booked private transfer for comfort and safe airport travel.


Shopping and Food in Belek:

Being a tourist destination, Belek houses plenty of modernized shops and restaurants all around the town with dazzling features.

Here are some nice food corners in Belek:

  • Deniz Restaurant
  • Gardners Bar And Cafe
  • Pasaport Pizza
  • Chill Out Bar & Restaurant


Things to do in Belek:

  • Visiting spa and archeological sites
  • Golfing
  • Walking


Places of interest in Belek:


Kurşunlu Waterfall:

The Kurşunlu Waterfall is the most important tourist attraction of Belek, home to around 100 different bird species. A hidden cave behind the waterfall with archeological importance is an added attraction for visitors. A natural wonder.


Golf courses in Belek:

Belek hosts many top ranked golf courses of Turkey of which the most recognized ones are Cornelia Faldo Course, The PGA Sultan Golf Course, The Pasha Golf Course and Gloria Golf Course. Advance booking facility is preferred.



Aspendos is located around 20 km away from the centre of Belek. This ancient Greco-Roman city is famous for around 2000 years’ old amphitheatre with a capacity of about 15000 spectators where now also open- air ballet and opera festivals take place.



Perge is an archeological site originated during the Hellenistic period (Greek) is the second most popular of its kind behind Ephesus. The Roman ruins at Perge are considered as one of the well preserved pre-historic sites in Turkey.



Side is Turkey’s one of the famous classical sites, situated around 45 km away from Belek. This ancient Greek city is also identified as a resort town, receiving thousands of tourists during the summer months.


List of other places of interest in Belek includes:

  • Troy Aqua & Dolphinarium
  • The National
  • Carya Golf Club
  • The Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club
  • Kaya Eagles Golf Course
  • Cornelia Golf Club
  • Osmanli Hamam Belek
  • Sultan’s Wellness
  • Belek Town Mosque
  • Sanitas Spa & Wellness
  • Gloria Pub
  • Serenity Spa & Wellness
  • Dock’s Pier Bar


Best time to visit Belek:

Undoubtedly, during the summer months between May and September would be the best time to visit beautiful Belek in Turkey.


Accommodation options in Belek:

Despite its small size, Belek hosts around 100 modernized accommodation centres with tourist favor facilities like spa, sauna, car parking, shower and arrangement of recreational activities. The famous star rated hotels in Belek are listed below:

  • Limak Atlantis Deluxe Hotel & Resort
  • Voyage Belek Golf & Spa
  • Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa
  • Gloria Golf Resort
  • Gloria Serenity Resort
  • Cornelia De Luxe Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa
  • Limak Arcadia Golf Resort
  • Gloria Verde Resort and Spa
  • Riu Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort
  • Susesi Luxury Resort
  • Xanadu Resort Hotel
  • Hotel Riu Kaya Belek
  • Club Asteria Belek


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