Best Tourist Places to Visit in Side, Turkey, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Side, Turkey, Europe

Side is one of the famous classical sites and resort towns in Turkey, coming under the province of Antalya. This popular ancient Greek city is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, between 36°46′00″ N latitude and 31°23′20″ E longitude, around 75 km southeast of the global resort city, Antalya and 500 km south of the national capital, Ankara.

Other than archeological ruins, Side is also renowned for its wellness clubs and water sport activities which draw a large number of international tourists during summer months. Ruins are allowed for visitors to see and most of them are free entry.


History of Side:

The archeological findings found in the area say the Greeks were the first settlers and founder of Side who may be settled during the 7th century BC. Side became the part of the Romans in 67 BC and during their time Side saw considerable development with the construction of amphitheatre and hospital which are now ruined in condition.


Connectivity to Side:

Antalya Airport is one of the largest airports of Turkey and the closest airport to Side, situated around 65 km away from it. The airport covers all the important European cities like London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul and Dublin.

The town of Manavgat is the gateway to Side through which many minibuses run to Side.

In addition, of availing minibuses, visitors can also use taxis for comfortable local travel.


Shopping and Food in Side:

Side is well known for the purchase of clothes, especially traditional handmade clothes, available at reasonable prices.

Being a tourist destination, Side houses plenty of restaurants, more than 100, with dishes from the different regions of the world including Italy, China, Japan and Australia.

Some nice restaurants in Side are listed below:

  • Lush Restaurant Bar
  • Little Norway Resturant and Bar
  • Miami Restaurant & Bar
  • Novi Restaurant of Scandinavia
  • Alaaddin Bistro Steak House


Things to do in Side:

  • Visiting archeological ruins
  • Village tours
  • Hiking
  • Shopping


Places of interest in Side:


The Temple of Apollo:

Dating from the Roman era, The Temple of Apollo is one of the top tourist attractions in Side, situated at the finishing point of the town’s peninsula. It is ruined, although worth a visit.


Roman Amphitheatre:

The Roman amphitheatre in Side is a large theatre with a seating capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 spectators. Without seeing this, the tour of Side won’t be completed. Don’t miss it.


Side Museum:

The Side Museum was formed using the ancient Roman baths which showcases the marble sarcophaguses, Roman idols, marble friexes and many other attractive and interesting things. Shouldn’t be missed.


Aspendos Bridge:

The Aspendos Bridge is an ancient bridge dating from the Roman period, offering the striking views of the river and Taurus Mountains. There are nice craft stalls in the proximity of the bridge.



Manavgat is a town, located around 9 km away from Side well known for the Manavgat Waterfall and Oymapinar Dam. The flow of white foaming water over the rocks will be a great treat for visitors’ eyes. There are tea gardens near the waterfall.


List of other places of interest in Side includes:

  • Dynasty & Linda Spa Wellness
  • Keyf Wellness Club
  • Oymapinar Dam
  • Adventure-Park Manavgat Oymapinar
  • Seleukia
  • Linda Bar
  • Antalya Buyuksehir Belediye Tiyatrosu
  • Manavgat Waterfall and River
  • Nashira Aquapark


Best time to visit Side:

Throughout the year is ideal, especially from June to September is the best time to visit Side in Turkey.


Accommodation options in Side:

Side is home to around 500 accommodation centers with nearly equal ratio of hotels and holiday homes, of which most offer advance booking facility through online for visitors’ convenience. The prominent top end hotels in Side are as follows:

  • Turquoise Resort Hotel & Spa
  • Aydinbey King’s Palace Spa & Resort
  • AliBey Resort Side
  • Conny’s Hotel
  • Safari Suit Hotel
  • Commodore Elite Suites & Spa
  • Royal Dragon Hotel
  • Paloma Oceana Resort
  • Sunwing Resort & Spa
  • Blue Waters Club
  • Melas Holiday Village
  • Side Resort Hotel
  • Otium Eco Club Side
  • Crystal Palace Luxury Resort & Spa
  • Port Side Resort Hotel

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