Best Tourist Places to Visit in Plock, Poland, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Plock, Poland, Europe

Plock is placed in the middle of Poland in Masovian Voivodeship and River Vistula bisects the city into two parts. Plock is located at normal elevation of 60 meters (200 feet) above the sea level and has total area of 88.06 square kilometers (34.00 square miles). The economy of the city depends on various activities but main industries are oil refining and manufacturing industries and football and handball are the two major sports in the city.

Plock is enclosed by Stare Budy, Gulczewo, Cekanowo, Slupno, Borowice, Maszewo Duze, Biala and Gabin and it is located at the distance of 110 kilometers from Warsaw, capital of Poland. Coordinates of Plock are 52.5500° N, 19.7000° E.


History of Plock:

As per the records, it is believed that Plock was settled by pagan populaces and Benedictine monastery was established in the city in the 1009. The city suffered from fire, warfare and plague during 17th and 18th centuries and Swedes destroyed much of the city buildings and monuments. During the rule of Russia, Prussia and Austro-Hungary various developments occurred in the town. In the year 1939, Germany attacked the Poland and ruled between 1941 and 1945 and later liberated from the German rule.


Tourist attractions in Plock:

Masovian Museum:

Masovian Museum is located at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from center of the city is one of the renowned museums in the city and has a collection of Art Deco furniture and paintings.


Vistula River:

Vistula River is main river in the city that bisects the city into two parts and along the river there are many hotels, bars, shops and cafes and people visit the river during evening to see the attractive sunset.


Other places to visit in Plock:

  • Cazimir’s Castle
  • Stary Rynek


Best time to visit Plock:

Plock is surrounded by mountain regions and has a humid continental climate and summer is from May to September and it is the best time to visit Plock and cold season is from November to March and temperature will fall below -6° Celsius.


Plock transportation:

By Air:

Warsaw Chopin Airport is placed at the distance of 130 kilometers from Plock in Warsaw city is the main and busiest airport in the country that caters with international flights to all main destinations Europe and America.

By Train:

Plock is situated at the distance of 130 kilometers from Warsaw, capital of Poland and direct and frequent trains operate from Warsaw and trains are also available to other parts of the country as well.


By Road:

Plock is connected through Routes 60, 62, 559, 562, 567 and 575 from all the directions and KM Plock and PKS Plock provides bus services to and from cities in the country.


Accommodation in Plock:

Hotels in Plock offer all contemporary facilities and services for the tourists taking lodging amenities and tourists are recommend to book the hotels well in advance during peak seasons prior to visiting the place so that they can find a suitable lodging of their choice, requirements and as per their budget and hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities with traditional and modern blend of architecture and cost from $ 30 to $ 450 and above per day. List of hotels located in Plock is as follows:

  • Hotel Mlyn & Spa
  • Palac Bursztynowy
  • Cierszewo Ośrodek Rekreacyjno
  • Zajazd Mazowsze
  • Gościniec Pod Żaglami
  • Motelik Olimpia
  • Zamek Gostynin
  • Pokoje Hotelowe Figaro
  • Pokoje Hotelowe Amore
  • Zajazd Nad Wisłą
  • Hotel Aleksander
  • Hotel Starzyński Spa & Wellness
  • Hotel & Browar Willa Adriana

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