Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kuressaare, Estonia, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kuressaare, Estonia, Europe

Kuressaare is situated in the west part of the Estonia in Saaremaa Island in Saare County, is placed on the coast of Gulf of Riga, covering an area of 14.95 square kilometers (5.77 square miles) and geographically at an elevation of 5 meters (16 feet) above the sea level is one of the historical towns in the country.

Kuressaare is surrounded by Nasva, Praakli, Upa, Muratsi, Unimae, and Mandjala and situated at the distance of 220 kilometers from Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia and coordinates are 58.2500° N, 22.4833° E.


History of Kuressaare:

Kuressaare was the small village captured by Livonian Brothers of the Sword under Volkwin in 1227 and the castle was established around 1381 and village started to flourish during the rule of Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek. Swedish ruled the town from 1645, by defeating the Danish in Torstenson War. Kuressaare became a renowned tourism destination during 19th century but during the First World War the island of Saaremaa was captured by the German troops.


Attractions in Kuressaare:

Kuressaare Castle:

Kuressaare Castle is placed around 1 kilometer distance from the center of the town was constructed in the 13th century constructed in Gothic style by Bishop of Ösel–Wiek to defend from the enemy attacks is the only Baltic medieval fortress preserved in the Estonia.


Kuressaare Town Hall:

Kuressaare Town Hall is one of the main buildings and landmark in the country constructed in Nordic baroque style showcases the Kuressaare’s largest treasures-Estonia’s largest canvas ceiling painting.


Saaremaa Museum:

Saaremaa Museum was established in the year 1865, is one of the oldest and largest museums situated in Estonia situated in Kuressaare town shows about the nature, history and culture of the town, visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.


Linnulaht Lake:

Linnulaht Lake is also renowned as Bird Bay situated west side of Kuressaare town is a natural reserve covering an area of 335 hectares of land was the part of the sea but later separated from the sea and became sweet water lake and home to number of bird species is also the bird paradise in the town.


Other places to visit in Kuressaare:

  • The Dutch type Stone Windmill
  • Kuressaare Weighing House
  • Kuressaare Park
  • The Tower Café

Climate in Kuressaare:

Kuressaare faces humid continental climate with warm summers and no dry season and average temperature normally ranges from -11° C to 23° C throughout the year and best time to visit Kuressaare is from June to September.


Transportations to Kuressaare:

By Air:

Kuressaare Airport is situated at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the town handles scheduled flights to Tallinn, Ruhnu Island and Stockholm and from airport taxis are available to desired location in the town.


By Sea:

Kuressaare Port situated at the distance of 5 kilometers operates ferry services within the country and to city in Latvia Country.


By Road:

Kuressaare is one of the renowned towns in the country connected through national highways and numerous buses will run daily from various parts of the country and from Tallinn bus terminal there are frequent buses to Kuressaare town and bike, cycle are the main transportation in the town.


Accommodation in Kuressaare:

Kuressaare is renowned tourism destination in the country and surrounded by apartments, guest houses, villas and hotels providing world class accommodation amenities to the visitors and hotels are situated close to the tourists destinations and cost from $ 15 to $ 200 and above per day and provides facilities like internet services, fitness centre, indoor swimming pool, dry cleaning, shops in hotel, 24-hour front desk, meeting/banquet facilities, valet parking, laundry and few other services. Some of the hotels in Kuressaare are as follows:

  • Georg Ots Spa Hotel
  • Arensburg Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Grand Rose Spa Hotel
  • Spa Hotel Meri
  • Kuressaare Linnahotell
  • Arabella Hotel
  • Johan Hotel & Spa
  • Kuressaare Tallinn Street Apartments
  • Piibelehe Guest Accommodation
  • Apartment Delux Kuressaare
  • Allee Apartments
  • Arno Apartments

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