Top Tourist Places to Visit in Ogre, Latvia, Europe

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Ogre, Latvia, Europe

Ogre is a Latvian town located in the central part of the country, around 35 km east of Riga, the capital of Latvia. It consists of 3 parts, namely Ogre, Jaunogre and Pārogre. The Coat of arms of the Ogre town features striking river and pinewoods of Ogre. Ogre is home to an exhibition centre, music and art schools, historical churches, cemetery and a beautiful park with different tree species.


Geography of Ogre:

Ogre is situated at the confluence of the rivers of Daugava and Ogre at 56°49′07″ N 24°36′20″ E covering an area of 13.58 sq. km.


History of Ogre:

The name of Ogre is derived from the river Ogre and it is believed that, the river Ogre was named by Catherine the Great of Russia. Ogre gained a health resort title in 1862 and town rights in the year 1929.


How to reach Ogre?

Ogre is served by the Riga International Airport which is around 45 km northwest of Ogre town and handles flights to major European cities such as Landon, Paris, Moscow, Budapest, Bucharest, Madrid, Amsterdam, Dublin, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

For airport travel, tourists can take taxi at the airport or use coach service to save money. Ogre is also connected to Riga by regular train services.

Ogre houses many travel agencies offering cars and bikes for airport travel and sightseeing.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Ogre:

There are numerous nationally renowned churches and museums in Ogre including the Museum of Latvian Scouts and Guides and the Ogre Lutheran church.

Ogre is also home to many modernized shops with latest branded products as well as colorful important local art works.

Tourists can visit the following food corners to have some tasty traditional and international delicacies:

  • Police Academy
  • Dakota Cafe


Places to see in Ogre:


The Ogre Museum of History and Art:

Situated at Kalna prospekts 3 in Ogre, the Ogre Museum of History and Art is one of the main cultural centers in Ogre showcasing the rich history, culture and growth of the town with the objects and frequent exhibitions.

The Lazdukalni dendrology park:

The Lazdukalni dendrology park is located at Pavasara gatve 6 in Ogre covering an area of 8.5 hectors. This park is home to around 410 trees, hundreds of plantations and eye catching shrubs. Tourists can hike up of the hill.


St. Meinhard’s Roman Catholic Church:

Built in the 20th century, the St. Meinhard’s Roman Catholic Church is known for its grand construction and holiness, designed by an architect L. Smits. It is situated at Meža prospekts 1 in Ogre.


Other places of interest in Ogre include:

  • The Pārogre Railway Station
  • The Museum of Latvian Scouts and Guides
  • The Ogre Lutheran church
  • Nicolas Brīnumdarītāja Orthodox church
  • Brīvības Street 12
  • The house “Kūrmāja”
  • The Lazdukalni dendrology park
  • Brīvības Street 11
  • The bridge over the River Ogre
  • BOVU Rehabilitation Centre “Ogre”
  • Zilokalnu Prospekts 17
  • The oak tree
  • A cemetery of German soldiers
  • War monuments


Best time to visit Ogre:

Ogre can be visited between the months of May and September while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation Options in Ogre:

Ogre is a colorful town housing some standard accommodation centers with all the basic facilities and services. Tourists can refer the hotels of neighboring towns for more comfort and better hospitality services. Here are the some fine hotels in and around Ogre:

  • Gastehaus Pukkalnini
  • Tambovici
  • Guest House Vecupe
  • Prieka Pietura
  • Dikli Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Wolmar
  • Baltvilla Viesnica Hotel
  • Aparjods Hotel
  • Gastehaus Pukkalnini
  • Segevold Hotel
  • Kolonna Hotel Cesis
  • Vecgulbenes muiza
  • Senleja Hotel
  • Motel Vejakalns
  • Birnu Palace
  • Ferienhaus Ziedu Gravas

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