Haapsalu Tourist Places to Visit in Haapsalu, Estonia, Europe

Haapsalu Tourist Places to Visit in Haapsalu, Estonia, Europe

Haapsalu is located on the west coast of Estonia Country in Laane County is a renowned and most visited beach town resort in the country. Haapsalu spans an area of 4.09 square miles (10.59 square kilometers) and situated at an elevation of 10 meters (30 feet) above the sea level and surrounded by Osterby, Nomme, Magari, Pusku, Herjava, Kadaka, Rohense, Tammiku, and Rohense. Tourism is the main industry in the town and situated at the distance of 100 kilometers from Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Coordinates of Haapsalu are 58.9394° N, 23.5408° E.


History of Haapsalu:

Haapsalu was recognized after the establishment of Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek in the year 1279 and buildings established during those eras still exists in the town.


Attractions in Haapsalu:

Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle and Cathedral

Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle and Cathedral is positioned few meters from center of the city is one of the best preserved castles in the country constructed in the 13th century and tourists will encounter most famous ghost in the country “the White Lady”.


 Haapsalu Maria-Magdaleena Church:

Haapsalu Maria-Magdaleena Church is one of the renowned Orthodox Church in the country situated in a tranquil locale of Haapsalu on the Promenade is must visit church in the city.


Laanemaa Museum:

Laanemaa Museum is positioned at the distance of less than kilometer from center of the city and the museum displays the medieval armory, diversity of stonework and a number of scarcities found here almost 300 years ago.


Estonian Railway Museum:

Estonian Railway museum is a transport museum with an eye-catching construction whose exhibits manuscript the history of Estonian rail in a sequential order and exhibits conventional kassa with the train station office, platforms, tracks with locomotives.


Other places to visit in Haapsalu:

  • Kiltsi airfield
  • Haapsalu Resort Hall
  • Haapsalu Railway Station
  • Museum of the Coastal Swedes
  • Cyrillus Kreek Apartment Museum
  • Ungru Manor
  • Haapsalu Shawl Museum
  • Communication Museum


Climate in Haapsalu:

Haapsalu faces humid continental climate with warm summer and rain may fall any day throughout the year and the temperature typically varies from -7° C to 22° C. Best time to visit Haapsalu is from June to September.


Transportations to Haapsalu:

By Air:

Tallinn-Ulemiste Airport is positioned at the distance of 101 kilometers from Haapsalu airport in Tallinn City is one of the main airports in the country caters scheduled domestic and international flights to various cities in the European countries.


By Sea:

Haapsalu is well connected through the sea route in the country and scheduled ferries will operate from Rohukula town to other ports in the country.


By Road:

Haapsalu is town and well connected through national highways from distinct parts of the country and bus will operate from Tallinn, Pärnu and Kärdla cities to Haapsalu town.


Accommodation in Haapsalu:

Haapsalu is well-known for its beach town resorts with stunning pools and holiday will be worthy of a unbelievable place to stay and accommodation options ranging from guest ranches to luxury resorts and one can find ideal place to relax in the city. Accommodation in Haapsalu comes in all shapes and sizes and provides invincible facilities. Hotels in Haapsalu ranges from $ 30 to $ 200 and above per day and one can choose from the wide range of hotels in the city. Some of the hotels in Haapsalu are listed here below:

  • Baltic Hotel Promenaadi
  • Spa Hotel Laine
  • Residence Apartments Haapsalu
  • Fra Mare Thalasso Spa
  • Kongo Hotel
  • Vanalinna Bowling Hostel
  • Lahe Guesthouse
  • Reinholdi Guest Accommodation
  • Endla Hostel
  • Paeva Villa
  • Beguta Guest House
  • Haapsalu Old Town Apartment

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