Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Porlamar, Venezuela, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Porlamar, Venezuela, America

Porlamar is the largest city on Isla Margarita (Margarita Island) belonging to the state of Nueva Esparta in Venezuela. It is the commercial centre of Margarita Island with plenty of restaurants, shops, beaches and nightlife that draws tourists (especially youths) from the different European and American countries. Porlamar is the administrative centre of Marino municipality.


Geography of Porlamar:

Porlamar is placed between 10°57′ N latitude and 63°51′ W longitude at an elevation of 10 meters, around 10 km away from the state capital, La Asuncion and 465 km away from the national capital, Caracas.


History of Porlamar:

In 1536, Porlamar was established on the southeast coast of the island as a small village and it geared up towards development since it was connected to the mainland of Venezuela through the air.


How to reach Porlamar?

Del Caribe “Santiago Mariño” International Airport is serving Porlamar situated around 20 km away from the downtown Porlamar. It has direct flights to most of the American and European locations such as Buenos Aires, Toronto, Montreal, Port of Spain, Kingstown, Santiago de Chile and Samana.

There are many car rental offices in Porlamar offering car for rent on hour and day basis and most of them are placed near the airport and Playa El Yaque. Advance booking is offered.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Porlamar:

Roman Catholicism forms the higher majority of Porlamar’s population and also Porlamar houses many important churches including Centro Cristiano Casa de Alabanza and The Virgin of El Valle Church.

Shopping in Porlamar is easy because the city house abundance of both traditional and modern shops with a variety of handicrafts products and branded sunglasses and clothes.

The major restaurants in Porlamar are as follows:

  • Restaurant Punto Criollo
  • Hard Rock Cafe Margarita
  • Arepas de Los Hermanos Moya
  • El Rancho de Pablo


What to do in Porlamar?

  • Windsurfing
  • Kite surfing
  • Swimming


Places to see in Porlamar:


Playa El Yaque:

Located 3 km from Margarita Island Airport, Playa El Yaque is a most popular beach on Margarita Island specially noted for its windsurfing and kite surfing activities. Also there are plenty of restaurants, hotels and shops at the edge of the beach with world class features.


Playa El Agua:

Measuring length of 2.5 miles and width of 30 meters, Playa El Agua is a spectacular gold sand beach lined with restaurants that offer services for visitors under the palm tree that lined the beach. Playa El Agua is situated around 20 km from Porlamar and is frequented by both locals and international tourists.


Playa Parguito:

Playa Parguito is located 22 km north of Porlamar measuring a length of 1000 meters and width of 20 meters. It is a surfer’s favorite beach but there is no restaurant nearby and is ideal for those who seek privacy.


List of other places of interest in Porlamar include:

  • Laguna de la Restinga
  • Playa Puerto Cruz
  • Cathedral of La Asunción
  • Iglesia parroquial de San Juan
  • Playa Punta Arenas
  • Iglesia San Juan Evangelista
  • Puerto Cruz
  • Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari
  • Basílica de la Virgen del Valle
  • Playa Caribe
  • Las Tetas de María Guevara
  • Santiago Mariño International Airport


Ideal time to visit Porlamar:

The beginning months of the year will be ideal to visit Porlamar.


Where to stay in Porlamar?

Porlamar is a picturesque site packed with plenty of hotels and resorts along with the world class beaches. Other than facilities and services, the hotels of Porlamar serve guests with typical Venezuelan delicacies. The prominent hotels in Porlamar are listed below:

  • Hotel Castillo El Milagro
  • LIDOTEL Hotel Boutique Margarita
  • Bella Vista Hotel
  • Hotel Venetur Margarita
  • Puerta Del Sol Porlamar
  • Hotel Maria Luisa
  • Best Western Margarita Dynasty Hotel & Suites
  • Flamingo City Hotel
  • La Samanna de Margarita
  • La Samanna de Margarita
  • Margabella Suites
  • Hotel Macanao
  • Hotel Plaza Royal Margarita
  • Margarita International Resort
  • For You Hotel Margarita
  • Hotel Montecarlo

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