Tourist Places to Visit in Cabimas, Venezuela, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Cabimas, Venezuela, America

Cabimas is a town belonging to Zulia State in Venezuela located between 10°24′0″ N latitude and 71°27′0″ W longitude, around 45 km southeast of Maracaibo (state capital) and 665 km west of Caracas (national capital).

Cabimas is home to the largest oil fields of the Venezuela that are placed near the Lake Maracaibo. The major landmarks in Cabimas include:

  • El Barroso Square
  • Saint Joseph Church
  • Concordia Square
  • Bolivar Park


Geography of Cabimas:

Cabimas is placed on the Shore of Maracaibo Lake in the northwestern Venezuela at an altitude of 3 meters. It is spread over an area of 862 sq. km.


History of Cabimas:

It is believed that, Cabimas derives its name from the tree Cabimas or Copaiba. According to historical sources, Cabimas was formed in 1758 by a group of Cistercians monks and it was also visited by Venezuelan Archbishop Mariano Marti.


How to reach Cabimas?:

Cabimas is catered by La Chinita International Airport which is located in Maracaibo, around 55 km from Cabimas.

LCIA operates flights to Aruba, Miami, Caracas, Panama City, Milan, Puerto Ordaz, Valencia and many other national and international locations.

There is no public transport in Cabimas, Old cars and vans are highly used for both local travel and to reach neighboring cities.

Compared to other Venezuelan cities, transportation is cheaper in Cabimas because of the presence of oil fields.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Cabimas:

The events take place in Cabimas are El Rosario fair and Saint Benedict of Palermo party. Cabimas hosts numerous reputed shopping centres and Pastissima is one of the prominent food corners in Cabimas.


What to do in Cabimas?

  • Shopping
  • Walking
  • Visiting museums


Places to see in Cabimas:

House of the Culture of Cabimas:

Situated on Rosario Street next to UNERMB, House of the Culture of Cabimas is home to an archeological museum and a municipal public library featuring the remains of indigenous people and information about the first oil industry. The Literary center and dance centre are other sections of the house.


House Museum Margarita Soto:

House Museum Margarita Soto was the residence of Margarita Soto, who was a painter and a midwife. It is situated in Andrés Bello Av featuring some works of hers.


Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral:

Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral is the main cathedral of Cabimas situated in Independencia Av. It is the site of the Rosary fair (October) and Saint Benedict day (December).


List of other places of interest in Cabimas include:

  • Saint John the Baptist Church
  • Highway Nuevo Juan
  • Saint Martin of Porres Church
  • Jesus Heart church
  • Highway El Rosario
  • Saint Francis of Asis Church
  • Concordia Square
  • Saint Francis of Asis church
  • Las 40’s square
  • General Rafael Urdaneta square
  • Pedro Oporto School of Visual Arts
  • University Institute Tecnologic of Cabimas
  • Miraflores square
  • Saint Peter church
  • La Rosa Church


Ideal time to visit Cabimas:

Ending months of the year will be ideal to visit Cabimas while many grand festivals take place.


Where to stay in Cabimas?

Cabimas is home to numerous star rated hotels with superior amenities such as spas, hot water bath, doctor on call, arrangement of vehicle and different entertainment activities. The major hotels in Cabimas and Maracaibo (45 km) are listed below:

  • Hotel Cabimas Internacional
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel Maruma Hotel & Casino
  • Hotel Kristoff
  • Inter Continental Maracaibo
  • Hotel Jolie
  • El Paseo
  • Costa Real Hotel Maracaibo
  • Hotel Euro America
  • Hotel Cabimas Internacional
  • Hotel Cumberland Maracaibo
  • Hotel Presidente
  • Hotel Venetur Maracaibo
  • Hotel Brisas del Norte
  • Gran Hotel Delicias
  • Hotel Golden Monkey
  • Hotel Maracaibo Trece27

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