Places to Visit in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, America

Places to Visit in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, America

Ciudad Bolívar is the capital city of the Bolívar State in the southeastern Venezuela covering an area of 591 sq. km. It is especially noted for its historic center with colonial buildings and cathedrals. The economy of Ciudad Bolívar is centered on agriculture and animal husbandry.


Geography of Ciudad Bolívar:

Ciudad Bolívar is geographically placed between 8.122° N latitude and 63.55° W longitude at an elevation of 43 meters, around 600 km southeast of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Ciudad Bolívar experiences a tropical savanna climate with dry season from December to April and wet season from May to November.


History of Ciudad Bolívar:

Ciudad Bolívar was originally founded as Santo Tomé de Guayana de Angostura del Orinoco in 1764 and later the name was changed to Ciudad Bolívar in 1846.


How to reach Ciudad Bolívar?

Ciudad Bolívar is served by José Tomás de Heres Airport which handles with scheduled flights to Caracas and Maturín, catered by RUTACA Airlines. This airport is situated 1.5 km away from the city centre.

Angostura Bridge is the major link between Ciudad Bolívar and rest of Venezuela. Buses are widely used for both local travel and to reach neighboring cities.

Taxis and minivans are additional options for both short and long distance travel. Most of the local travel agencies offer advance booking facility.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Ciudad Bolívar:

Ciudad Bolívar was the home town of many famous musicians such as Iván Pérez Rossi, Antonio Lauro and Cheo Hurtado.

Carapacho de Morrocoy Guayanés and Catara sauce are some special cuisine of Ciudad Bolívar and Cassava bread and cashew nuts are highly used to prepare daily dishes. Shops are plenty.

The major food corners in Ciudad Bolívar are listed below:

  • El bracero de oro
  • Tony Pizzeria
  • Ristorante Mezza Luna
  • Beirut Coffee & Restaurant


What to do in Ciudad Bolívar?

  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Visiting museums


Places to see in Ciudad Bolívar:


Jesús Soto Museum of Modern Art:

Established in 1973, Jesús Soto Museum of Modern Art is a modern art museum designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva. It is named in the honor of Jesús Soto, who was a kinetic artist and sculptor and was also a renowned son of the Ciudad Bolívar city. The museum displays works of many renowned international artists along with the Soto’s works.


Historic district of Ciudad Bolívar:

The historic district is the main attraction of Ciudad Bolívar housing numerous colonial buildings, houses and museums. Must visit.


Angostura Bridge:

Connecting Ciudad Bolívar with the rest of Venezuela, Angostura Bridge was constructed over Orinoco River in the year 1967 with 712 meters main span. This well constructed bridge is a nice sightseeing spot for visitors.


List of other places of interest in and around Ciudad Bolívar includes:

  • José Tomás de Heres Airport
  • Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana
  • Universidad Simón Rodríguez Orinoco River
  • Orinoco River
  • Plaza Bolivar
  • Salto Para
  • Angel Falls
  • Canaima National Park
  • Salto Aponguao
  • La Llovizna National Park
  • Auyantepui
  • Salto el sapo
  • Yurani Falls
  • Plaza Bolivar
  • Parque Cachamay
  • Delta Wildlife


Ideal time to visit Ciudad Bolívar:

The months between December and April will be ideal to trip Ciudad Bolívar.


Where to stay in Ciudad Bolívar?

Ciudad Bolívar is well known for its historical sites and natural attractions as well as top class hotels with upgraded features. Booking hotels of Ciudad Bolívar well in advance through online will be better to get hotel rooms as per the requirement and budget of the tourists. List of major hotels in Ciudad Bolívar is as follows:

  • Posada La Casita
  • Posada Don Carlos
  • Campamento Turistico Petoi
  • Hotel La Casona
  • Hotel Valentina
  • Posada El Rosario
  • Posada Turistica Villa Granada
  • Posada Caronoco Suites
  • Posada Los Olivos
  • Hotel Laja City
  • Posada Casa Grande de Angostura
  • Posada Angostura
  • Posada Boutique Las Morocotas
  • Intiguazi Eco Lodge
  • Posada Don Francesco
  • Posada Amor Patrio

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