Tourist Places to Visit in Catacamas, Honduras, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Catacamas, Honduras, America

Catacamas is situated in the Olcncho Department in Honduras in Central America and Catacamas municipality is the biggest municipalities in the Central America. Catacamas covers an area of 7,173.89 square kilometers (2,769.85 square miles) and at an altitude of 450 meters (1,480 feet) above the sea level. Catacamas is one of the stunning cities in the country surrounded by North White Stone Mountain and has fertile soil suitable for both agriculture and forest development. The economy of the Catacamas depends on agriculture, livestock, industry, services and trade and coordinates of Catacamas are 14.8000° N, 85.9000° W.


Tourism in Catacamas:

Catacamas is pleasant municipality nested in lush North white Stone Mountain with greenery all around which makes the soil fertile and there are many species of plants in the municipality with fauna.


Places to Visit in Catacamas:

Agalta Mountains National Park:

The Agalta Mountains National Park is situated at the distance of 24 kilometers from the center of the city and this national park is home for range of botanical species and more than 80 varieties of orchids is rich in wildlife like Wild Cats and the Quetzal.


Talgua Caves:

Talgua Caves was established in the year 1935 and caves are world-famous and one can view the Glowing Skulls and it is believed that the skulls date back to 900 BC and rose before Maya and other civilizations. Talgua Caves is located at the distance of 4 kilometers from center of the town.


San Francisco de Asis:

San Francisco de Asis is one of the sacred and most esteemed churches in the city and main attraction of the city and church is situated at the center of the city.



Guayape is a small village situated at the distance of 20 kilometers from center of the Catacamas city and village is home for some of the stunning landscapes and endless waterfalls with richest and fertile soil in the country.


Things to do in Catacamas:

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Visit the villages
  • River side fishing
  • Shopping

Weather in Catacamas:

Catacamas is served by Tropical wet and dry climate and average temperature ranges from 30.5 ° C to 17.8 °C throughout the year and the rainy season is from May to November and best time to visit Catacamas is from December to April.


How to Reach Catacamas?

By Air:

Catacamas is served by Catacamas Airport located at the distance of 2 kilometers from the middle of the town and this airport caters with domestic flights to cities in Honduras and from airport, tourists can avail the taxi or bus services to reach the city.


By Road:

Catacamas is surrounded by mountain region and roads are not in good condition and it is the only best way to reach the town and there are plenty of vehicles plying from various cities and towns to Catacamas repeatedly and to get in and around the town tourists can avail bus, car, taxi and bike.


Where to Stay in Catacamas?

Among the royal hills with a clean and pleasing atmosphere and remarkable charming scenes in Catacamas are accessible some of the budget and luxury hotels with remarkable luxurious and spacious rooms. Facilities offered to tourist in such hotels are 24 running hot and cold water, flat TV with cable, free Wi-Fi, spa, laundry service, etc. all this with a tariff changeable from $ 50 to $ 500. Hotels with attached bathrooms, neat and clean rooms are also available at price of $ 20 for single room and $ 50 for a double room in Catacamas for a day. Some of the hotels in Catacamas are listed below:

  • Hotel Y Club Villa San Andres
  • Hotel Plaza Maria
  • Hotel Papabeto
  • Hotel Meyling

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