Best Tourist Places to Visit in Erandique, Honduras, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Erandique, Honduras, America

Erandique is located in Lempira Department in Honduras Country in Central America, is bounded by pine trees and covered by steep hills is visited due to its pleasant climate throughout the year and Erandique is remote place in Honduran but surrounded by plenty of resources with Santa Cruz, Piraera, San Francisco, Intibuca department, San Andres and Gualcince being the neighboring regions. Erandique is located at the distance of 237 kilometers from the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and coordinates of Erandique are 14.2333° N, 88.4667° W.


History of Erandique:

Erandique was established in the year 1600 and was named as Cerquin due to its position is the oldest municipality in Honduras.


Tourism in Erandique:

Erandique is surrounded by mountain region and there are lots of charming landscapes around the town which is covered by pine and swetgum forest. There are few restaurants in the town where one can enjoy the typical cuisines and can also visit the old church located in the town.


Attractions in Erandique:

Coffee Plantations:

Coffee Plantations are the major form of living in the town and coffee estates are located on the top of Cerquin Hill and produce some of the best coffee in Honduras.



There are few churches in the town which showcase the Spanish architecture and local people gather every Sunday to offer prayer and tourists are invited as well.



Hiking around the town presents some of the stunning views of the surroundings and tourists can explore some of the stunning places and from top of the mountain, tourists can view beautiful surrounding.


Things to do in Erandique:

  • Visit the local village
  • Trekking
  • Explore the mountains


Weather in Erandique:

Weather in Erandique is termed tropical savanna climate with dry and wet climate and average temperature ranges from 25 ° C to 11 ° C and best time to visit Erandique is from December to March.


How to Reach Erandique?

Erandique is a remote place surrounded by mountains and airport is not located in the region and the nearest airport is Gracias Airport located at the distance of 60 kilometers from Erandique, this airport caters with domestic flights to Tegucigalpa city and from Tegucigalpa, one can fly to various parts of the Honduras country.

Erandique is surrounded by mountains and wet season is not good to visit during this season there may be landslide in the region and buses ply from few cities and towns in Erandique and car, taxi and bike are other major modes of transportations in Erandique.


Where to Stay in Erandique?

Erandique is remote place in Honduras surrounded by mountains and there are few accommodation facilities in the town which offers some basic facilities and prominent hotels are located at the distance of 60 kilometers from Erandique in Gracias town and these hotels provide some of the world class facilities to the tourists and hotels are designed for the comfort and lavishness of the tourists. Some of the hotels in Erandique are listed here below:

  • Hotel Real Camino Lenca
  • Hotel Posada de Don Juan
  • Hotel Guancascos
  • Hotel San Sebastian
  • Maria Rosa
  • Hotel Rosario
  • Hotel Esteven

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