Places to Visit in La Esperanza, Honduras, America

Places to Visit in La Esperanza, Honduras, America

La Esperanza is a city in the La Esperanza Department in Honduras in Central America. Intibuca is the oldest city and La Esperanza and Intibuca are called as the twin cities and these cities are renowned for its cool climate in Honduras. La Esperanza is situated at an elevation 1700 meters (5,600 feet) above the sea level, covering an area of 669.8 square kilometers (258.6 square miles) is located in the flat mountain valley. La Esperanza is situated at the distance of 180 kilometers from the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and coordinates of La Esperanza are 14.3066° N, 88.1787° W.


History of La Esperanza:

La Esperanza was occupied by Lenca nd Maya populaces during the pre-Columbian era and region was divided into two settlements by name Eramani and Lentercala. Spanish appointed the Mayor Francisco de La Cerda, to survey the region and he divided the land into two regions in the year 1647, due to this, rivalry developed between the two jurisdictions. In 1880s population grew rapidly and in the year 1883, La Esperanza was declared as the city.


Places to Visit in La Esperanza:

Lenca Cultural Museum:

Lenca Cultural Museum situated few kilometers away from middle of the city and big pink building and displays the artifacts, artisan, products and information about the history and culture of Lenca populaces and museum is open from Monday to Friday.


Parque de Bosque Enano:

Parque de Bosque Enano is called as Dwarf Forest in English is situated outside the town is one of the interesting forests to visit in La Esperanza, which is covered by more than 500 unique dwarf trees that grow less than half meter tall.


Laguna de Madre Vieja:

Laguna de Madre Vieja (Lagoon of the Old Mother) is visited to enjoy the leisure time in the lap of the nature and lagoon is calm and there is fishing and boating facilities in the lagoon.


La Gruta:

La Gruta is a cave situated on the small hill and was the hiding place for Lempira Chief from Spanish and at presents it is a Catholic Church and from top of the hill, one can view the stunning views of surrounding.


Things to do in La Esperanza:

  • Laguna de Chiligatoro
  • Banos Publicos El Quiscamote
  • Artisan Festival
  • Potato Festival
  • Festival of the Patron Saint
  • Wine and Mushroom Festival

Weather in La Esperanza:

La Esperanza climate is divided mainly into dry and wet/winter season and wet season is from the months of May to October and summer season is from November to April.


How to Reach La Esperanza?

By Air:

La Esperanza has La Esperanza Airport placed at the distance of 2 kilometers from center of the city and serves with domestic flights to few cities and towns Honduras and from airport there are taxi and bus services to major destinations in La Esperanza.


By Road:

La Esperanza has good and well developed roads and connected by the national highway 22 and there are regular bus services from various parts of the Honduras to and from La Esperanza and local transportations like car, taxi and bike are available to get around the city.


Where to Stay in La Esperanza?

La Esperanza has some of the finest accommodation providing tremendous accommodation amenities to the travelers visiting the city from time to time and hotels in La Esperanza are designed as the per the comfort and lavishness of the tourists. Hotels offer various world class facilities like breakfast, spa, sauna, 24 hour help desk, airport shuttle, free internet connection etc. They also serve exquisite cuisines to the visitors which are known for taste and aroma. List of hotels located in La Esperanza are:

  • Casa del Arroyo
  • Hotel La Esperanza
  • Hotel Mina
  • Hotel Ipsan Nah
  • Hotel Mejia Batres
  • Hotel Urquia
  • Hotel Alexandra
  • Hotel Solis
  • Hotel Gomez

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