Places to Visit in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, America

Places to Visit in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, America

San Pedro Sula is situated towards the North West part of the Honduras on the Caribbean Sea coast. San Pedro Sula covers an area of 840 square kilometers (320 square miles) is located at an altitude of 83 meters (272 feet) above the sea level is the 2nd largest city after Tengucigalpa in Honduras. Economy of the San Pedro Sula depends on the industries and commercial production and tourism as well. San Pedro Sula is located at the distance of 245 kilometers from the capital of the Honduras, Tegucigalpa and coordinates of San Pedro Sula are 15.5194° N, 88.0306° W.


History of San Pedro Sula:

In the year 1536, San Pedro Sula was established by Pedro de Alvarado and was established as the agriculture and cattle raising region and in 18th century the name changed to San Pedro Sula. French, English and Dutch pirates raided the city and attacked from trading the gold. Later in 19th century city grew slowly and exported the banana to U.S based company, later it grew rapidly.


Places to Visit in San Pedro Sula:

The Museum of Anthropology and History:

The museum displays the anthropology and history of Honduras and divided into floors and ground floor displays the history of San Pedro Sula and the country and upper floor showcase the prehistory of the valley of City.


Central Park:

Central Park is situated in the middle of 1st avenue and 3rd commercial hub and consists of small gazebo, where city was established, worth visiting the site.


Zona de Armenta:

Zona de Armenta is stream that approach from Merendon mountain range and the park are situated in the north eastern part of the city and a recreational area where one can enjoy swimming and buy food items.


The Museum of Nature:

The Museum of Nature is home for flora and fauna, located at the distance of 2 kilometers from middle of the town and the museum displays the collection of insect species and books about the nature and wildlife found in Merendon Mountain.


Things to do in San Pedro Sula:

  • The Child Planetarium
  • Mercado Guamilito
  • The Francisco Saybe Theatre
  • Wonderland
  • Zizima Eco Water Park
  • Avenida Circunvalacion
  • Torre Universitaria Jorge Emilio Jaar


Weather in San Pedro Sula:

San Pedro Sula is served by tropical savanna climate with wet and dry climate and dry season starts from the month of September and ends up in March and wet season from April to October and best time to visit San Pedro Sula is from September to March.


How to Reach San Pedro Sula?

By Air:

San Pedro Sula has Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport located at the distance of 17 kilometers from middle of the city and operates domestic and international flights to cities like La Ceiba, Roatan, Tegucigalpa, Mexico City, Miami, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Bogota, Atlanta, Los Angeles and various other cities and towns in Honduras and in Central America.


By Road:

San Pedro Sula is connected by national highway and it is the major transportation hub in the country which is connected to all the divisions of the country through bus services.


Where to Stay in San Pedro Sula?

San Pedro Sula provides lots of the deluxe hotel lodging amenities to the tourists visiting the place from throughout the year. Hotels in San Pedro Sula range from 1 star to 5 star and provide world class living facilities for the expediency and soothe of the tourists and the tariffs vary from hotel to hotel. Customers can select a hotel of their choice, requirements and budget and book a hotel well in advance prior to visiting the place. List of hotels located in San Pedro Sula are:

  • Hotel Family Inn
  • Hotel Saint Anthony
  • Hotel Las Cascadas
  • Isabella Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Maya Colonial
  • Natalie Rosegarden San Pedro Sula
  • Hotel Casa Del Arbol Centro
  • Hotel Casa La Cordillera
  • La Casa de los Arcos
  • Holiday Inn Express San Pedro Sula
  • Tamarindo Hostel
  • Hotel Casa Aroma de Cafe

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