Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, America

Pinar Del Rio is the capital city of Pinar Del Rio province in Cuba spans an area of 266.84 square miles (691.12 square kilometers) and located at an elevation of 200 feet (61 meters) above the sea level.  Economy of the Pinar Del Rio depends on tobacco farming and there are few cigar industries in the city. Pinar Del Rio is surrounded by Vinales, Consolacion Del Sur, Los Palacios, Santa Maria, Hermanos Saiz, Guane and La Coloma and Havana, capital of Cuba is situated at the distance of 185 kilometers from Pinar Del Rio. Coordinates of Pinar Del Rio are 22.5000° N, 83.5153° W.


History of Pinar Del Rio:

Pinar Del Rio was founded has Nueva Filipinas in the year 1774, due to the large settlement of Filipinos in the region and it was the last major cities in the Cuba established by the Spanish. Filipinos introduced the tobacco farming in the region that was the major source of income in the region and the same culture is followed today as well.


Places to Visit in Pinar Del Rio:

Parque Nacional de Vinales:

Parque Nacional de Vinales is declared as the UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1999, which is surrounded by picturesque valley and iconic limestone mogoates.


Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve:

Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve was recognized in the year 1985 is the Cuba’s first biosphere reserve. Tourists can view the world’s smallest frogs and the colorful, pocket-sized reptile, the chipojo.


Las Terrazas:

Las Terrazas is a sustainable village, on the inclines of the Sierra Del Rosario mountain range, is an exceptional starting point for hiking excursions past waterfalls, coffee plantations and mineral springs.


Cayo Levisa:

Cayo Levisa is a tiny island lined with coconut trees and mangroves and has smooth white sands, or venture into the warm waters to explore the pristine coral reefs.


Other Places to visit in Pinar Del Rio:

  • Cayo Jutias
  • Marina Gaviota
  • Maria la Gorda
  • Cueva del Indio
  • Península de Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve
  • Tobacco Farms
  • Cueva de los Portales
  • Las Terrazas
  • Gran Caverna de San Tomas

Best time to Visit Pinar Del Rio:

Pinar Del Rio is served by tropical savanna climate with hot summers and chilled winters. Climate in Pinar Del Rio is pleasant throughout the year due to the mountainous region and best time to visit Pinar Del Rio is from December to March.


How to Reach Pinar Del Rio?

By Air:

La Coloma Airport is about 32 kilometers from center of the city in La Coloma town. The airport is served commercial and domestic flights to Havana city daily.


By Train:

Pinar Del Rio is the railway line connects to all the provinces in the country and daily trains are available from Havana city to Pinar Del Rio and operated by FFCC (Ferrocarriles de Cuba – Railways of Cuba).


By Sea:

Domestic ferries operate from La Coloma town to other ports in the country daily and tourists can hire ferries for fishing and aquatic activities.


By Road:

Roads in the city are quite developed and linked to Havana in the country. There are government and private bus operators in the city which serves with intercity and interstate services in the city.


Where to Stay in Pinar Del Rio?

Hotels in Pinar Del Rio are surrounded by hills, historical and cultural locations with magnificent views of the surroundings. Hotel rooms are designed as per the cozy and lavishness of the tourists who visit the city throughout the year and rooms in the hotels cost from $ 15 to $ 350 and above per day with world class facilities. Some of the hotels in Pinar Del Rio are listed here below:

  • Hotel Los Jazmines
  • Horizontes La Ermita
  • Moka Hotel Pinar del Rio
  • Casa Carlos Valido
  • Casa Grether Carlos
  • El Rincon de Amauri
  • Casa Jose y La Negra
  • Casa Dianelys y El Negro
  • Milaissy y Alexander
  • Casa Particular Villa el Coral
  • Villa las Almendras
  • Villa La Pina Colada

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