Best Tourist Places to Visit in Cascavel, Brazil, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Cascavel, Brazil, America

Cascavel municipality is located in the western part of Parana state in Brazil, is renowned for the production of cereals, soybeans, wheat, corn, rice, cotton and beans and poultry, swine and beef cattle and other industries like food processing, chemicals, metallurgy and beverages and distinct universities are located in the city.

Cascavel is surrounded by Toledo, Santa Tereza do Oeste, Corbelia, Catanduvas, Lindoeste, Braganey, Tupassi, and Boa Vista Da Aparecida and located at the distance of 500 kilometers from capital of Parana, Curitiba. Cascavel is located at the distance of 1,400 kilometers from Brasilia, capital of Brazil and coordinates of Cascavel are 24.9556° S, 53.4553° W.


Places to Visit in Cascavel:

Iguaçu Falls:

Iguaçu Falls is located at the distance of 167 kilometers from Cascavel is one of the renowned falls in Brazil and falls is situated between Brazil and Argentina. Iguacu falls is one of the seven wonders of nature and must visit falls in the Brazil.


Itaipu Dam:

Itaipu Dam is situated at the distance 150 kilometers from Cascavel in Foz do Iguacu city is the world’s largest manmade construction and is still the world’s most productive hydroelectric capacity and known as one of the world’s Seven Modern Wonders. Itaipu Dam is must visit destination is Cascavel city.


Other Places to visit in and around Cascavel:

  • Cataratas do Iguacu (Iguacu Falls)
  • Three Borders Landmark
  • Salto do Macuco
  • Omar Ibn Al-Khattab


Best time to Visit Cascavel:

Cascavel experiences very humid climate and the average temperature varies from 21 °C (70 °F) to 28° (85 °F) throughout the year and best time to visit Cascavel is from May to September.


How to Reach Cascavel?

By Air:

Adalberto Mendes da Silva Airport is located at the distance of 9 kilometers in Santos Dumont town is operated by CETTRANS and connects to cities like Campinas, Campo Grande, Curitiba, Guarulhos, Pena, Dourados, Londrina, Maringa and Sao Paulo.


By Road:

Cascavel is connected through PR-163 and state highway from neighboring cities and number of buses pass through the city connecting to major destinations in Parana state.

Where to Stay in Cascavel?

Cascavel is city in Parana state and has some good hotels in the city which provides excellent accommodation facilities to tourists visiting the place throughout the year. Tourists can book the hotel room before visiting the city through online reservation to avoid last minute rush and rooms are for all types of tourists ranging from budget to luxury. Some of the hotels in Cascavel are listed below:

  • Harbor Querencia Hotel
  • Bourbon Cascavel Express Hotel
  • Grand Prix Hotel
  • Deville Express Cascavel
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Hotel Sauipe
  • Hotel Raizer
  • Hotel Regente Express

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