Tourist Places to Visit in St Joseph, Barbados, America

Tourist Places to Visit in St Joseph, Barbados, America

St. Joseph is a parish located in the island country of Barbados. Bathsheba is the major town of the parish placed around 18 kms away from the national capital Bridgetown. St Joseph is located on the eastern side of the island covering an area of 26 kms² with two major botanical gardens of the country such as Flower Forest and Andromeda Gardens.

Chimborazo is the highest point of St. Joseph and one of the biggest in the island. St Joseph is also the location of international surfing competitions, Soup Bowl.


Geography of St. Joseph:

St. Joseph is geographically situated between 13°12′ N latitude and 59°32′ W longitude. It is surrounded by the parish of Saint Thomas in the west, Saint Andrew in the north, Saint George towards south and Saint John in the southeast.


How to reach St. Joseph?

Grantley Adams International Airport (only airport in Barbados) is situated around 25 kms away from the midpoint of the town Bathsheba in St. Joseph. It operates scheduled flights from and to the major destinations such as New York, Toronto, Miami, Charlotte, Antigua, Dominica, Georgetown, Bequia, Canouan, Mustique, London, Manchester, Newcastle and many other international locations.

To get around, tourists can hire rental cars or taxis and most of the travel agencies of the parish are located in the main town Bathsheba. Advance booking is also offered.


Culture, Food and Shopping in St. Joseph:

Annual local and international surfing competitions organized in Soup Bowl at Bathsheba beach of St. Joseph. Most of the standard shopping centres of St. Joseph are located in Bathsheba.

The major food corners in St. Joseph are as follows:

  • The Cove Restaurant
  • Atlantis Restaurant
  • Round House
  • Dina’s Bar & Cafe
  • Bombas Beach Bar & Restaurant


Things to do in St. Joseph:

  • Soup Bowl
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing


Places of interest in St. Joseph:


Andromeda Gardens:

Andromeda Gardens is located in the town of Bathsheba and this 6-acre botanical garden is famous for beautiful flowering plants and tropical trees housing around 600 different species of plants including large talipot palm tree, which is one of the largest palms on the earth.


Flower Forest:

Flower Forest is a horticultural park featuring variety of colorful flower plants, situated in the proximity of Bathsheba of Saint Joseph. Together with Andromeda Gardens, it is one of the best parks on Barbados. It is frequented by both locals and tourists throughout the year.


Saint Joseph Anglican Church:

Saint Joseph Anglican Church is the main worship place as well as identity of St. Joseph placed in Bathsheba town. It was initially construed on Horse Hill in 1640 and later rebuilt in 1839 after spoiled by hurricane.


Other places of interest in St. Joseph include:

  • Little Saint Joseph Chapel
  • Cotton Tower
  • Joe’s River Tropical Rainforest
  • Bathsheba Beach
  • Bathsheba Rock
  • Hunte’s Gardens
  • Bath Beach


Best time to visit St. Joseph:

St. Joseph enjoys relatively dry climate throughout the year and from July to November will be the ideal time to visit St. Joseph.


Accommodation options in St. Joseph:

St. Joseph houses several renowned hotels, resorts and inns that are exclusively designed to fulfill the requirements of tourists visiting the place throughout the year. Some facilities offered by St. Joseph hotels are cable television, mini-bar, refrigerator, room service and airport shuttle. The major hotels in St. Joseph are as follows:

  • Sea-U Guest House
  • Round House Inn
  • The Atlantis Hotel
  • Lush Life Nature Resort
  • Lush Life
  • New Edgewater Hotel
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Mango Bay
  • Colony Club Hotel
  • The Crane Resort
  • Fairmont Royal Pavilion
  • Tamarind By Elegant Hotels
  • Beach View
  • Barbados Hilton
  • Butterfly Beach Hotel

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