Utila Tourist Places to Visit in Utila, Honduras, America

Utila Tourist Places to Visit in Utila, Honduras, America

Utila is the smallest island in the Bay Islands in Honduras in Central America, is situated at an elevation of 243 feet (74 meters) above the sea level and the highest point on the island and there are few schools and healthcare facilities on the island and fishing and tourism is the main industries on the island. Utila is located on the Caribbean Sea Coast about 450 kilometers from capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and coordinates of Utila are 16.1000° N, 86.9000° W.


History of Utila:

As per the historians, it is believed that Utila was inhabited before the arrival of Europeans, before 600 AD by Paya culture people and in the year 1502, Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Guanaja and come across the huge population of Paya culture.

Pirates from English, French and Dutch found the establishment on the island and Spanish cargo vessels, gold and other treasures and settled on the island. In the 16th century Spanish established the settlement and slaves from the island were transferred to Britain.

Spanish and British pirates battled from nearly 200 years to retain the island.


Tourism in Utila:

Utila Island is visited by thousands of the tourists throughout the year due to encouraging diving condition. Highest peak on the island is Pumkin Mountain located at an elevation of 243 feet (74 meters) above the sea level and diving, backpackers and whale watching are the major activities on the island and one can view the stunning views of the marine life on the island. There are many restaurants and bars on the island which offers some of the continental and non continental cuisines to the visitors visiting the place throughout the year.


Places to Visit in Utila:

  • Carambola Gardens
  • Dolphin show
  • Whale Watching
  • Diving
  • Beaches
  • Fishing
  • Water Sports


Weather in Utila:

Utila are famous for its pleasing weather throughout the year and humidity is extremely high all through the year and best time to visit Utila is from October to February.


How to Reach Utila?

By Air:

Utila is served by Utila Airport situated at the distance of 5 kilometers from center of the island and serves with domestic flights to neighboring island and to cities and towns in main land and from airport, one can avail the taxi and bus services to reach the destinations.


By Sea:

Utila is served by Utila Municipal Dock which is located 3 kilometers away from middle of the island and it is well connected to the Main Land and neighboring islands in Honduras and tourists accommodated in Roatan Island can avail the regular boat services from Roatan to Utila Island.



Utila is Small Island in Honduras but well liked through roadways on the island and there are public buses plying on the island frequently and taxis are available on the island, best way to explore the island is through walk.


Where to Stay in Utila?

Utila is renowned among the divers and backpackers and only few accommodation facilities are available on the island and Roatan is the major accommodation centre in Utila tourism and hotels in Utila and Roatan offers some of the excellent facilities to the tourists visiting the place throughout the year like breakfast, spa, 24 hours help desk, and many more facilities and hotels in both the islands are reasonable cost from $ 40 to $ 500 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Utila and Roatan are listed below:

  • Trujillo Beach Eco-Resort
  • Villa Delfin Roatan
  • Paradise Beach Club
  • The Lily Pond House Hotel
  • Half Moon Resort
  • Hotel La Quinta Roatan
  • Princess Real Resort And Spa
  • Villas del Playa
  • Camp Bay Beach Dive and Adventure Resort
  • Mayan Ridge Resort
  • Casa Weir Hotel
  • Upachaya Eco-Lodge & Wellness Resort

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