Places to Visit in Alto Parana, Paraguay, America

Places to Visit in Alto Parana, Paraguay, America

Alto Parana is a department in Paraguay country and capital of the department is Ciudad del Este. Alto Parana is situated in the Oriental Region of Paraguay and surrounded by Canindeyu, Itapua, Caaguazu and Caazapa departments and border of Brazil and has a total area of 14,895 square kilometers (5,751 square miles) and ranked second in total area in the country and divided into 20 districts. Agriculture is the primary form of income in the department and other fields are industries, factories, livestock and tourism. Coordinates of Alto Parana are 25.4167° S, 54.6333° W.


History of Alto Parana:

Alto Parana was the most important region during the colonial era and many populaces settled in the region during the 17th and 18th centuries. Alto Parana department was established in the year 1945 and was the prominent port region during the 19th century.


Places to Visit in Alto Parana:

Nacunday National Park:

Nacunday National Park is situated in the Nacunday district in Alto Parana and covers an area of 20 square kilometers. National park is renowned for large waterfall and surrounded by lush greenery, is one of the important waterfalls in the Paraguay.


Limoy National Reserve:

Limoy National Reserve is situated in Hernandarias district on the banks of river Parana. Limoy reserve is renowned for largest dam in the world and surrounded by flora and fauna which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.


Mbaracayu Biological Sanctuary:

Mbaracayu Biological Sanctuary is located between Brazil and Paraguay is one of the foremost ecological reserves in the country. Ecosystem in the sanctuary has created the ideal conditions for animal life and there is plenty of native flora and fauna in the sanctuary.


Tati Yupi Biological Reserve:

Tati Yupi Biological Reserve is situated in Hernandarias district and covers an area of 2,245 hectares (5,550 acres) of the land and climatic conditions of the reserve have provided shelter to distinct flora and fauna.


Other places to visit in Alto Parana:

  • The mouth of Itambey River
  • Pikyry Refuge
  • Minga Guazu Ecology Park
  • Carapá Refuge
  • Itabo Biological Reserve

Best time to Visit Alto Parana:

Alto Parana average temperature is 21 degree Celsius and with rainfall throughout the year and during winter fog and drizzle is common and during winter the temperature may drop below 0 degree celsius. Best time to visit Alto Parana is from February to March.


How to Reach Alto Parana?

By Air:

Guaraní International Airport is situated in Ciudad del Este city with domestic and international services to Asuncion, Sao Paulo and cargo service is operated to Lagos, Sharjah and Hong Kong cities and there are other domestic airports in few districts in the department.


By Road:

Alto Parana department is well connected through state, national and international highways and the bus terminal is situated in Ciudad del Este city which caters with domestic and international bus services to Brazil and other cities and towns in department.


Where to Stay in Alto Parana?

Snuggled between nature’s exquisiteness in Alto Parana are resorts, budget and luxurious hotels with spacious airy rooms. Facilities such as 24 hour check in and out, free breakfast, laundry service, pubs, fitness room, etc and tourists can book the hotel rooms prior visiting the department through online booking. List of few prominent hotels with world class facilities are as follows:

  • Hotel Staufenberg
  • Hotel Puerta del Hierro
  • Paraiso Golf and Resort
  • Cide Resort Hotel
  • San Rafael Hotel
  • Hotel Manuel
  • Hotel Casino Acaray
  • Hotel California
  • Casa Blanca Hotel
  • Las Orquideas Parque Hotel
  • Hotel Panorana Inn
  • La Tour Hotel

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