Pilar Tourist Places to Visit in Pilar, Paraguay, America

Pilar Tourist Places to Visit in Pilar, Paraguay, America

Pilar city is situated along the Paraguay River in the department of Neembucu in Paraguay in the southwestern part of country and home to commerce and government activities in the southwestern region of the country which spans over a total area of 440 square miles (1,130 square kilometers) and shares the border with Argentina country.

Pilar is surrounded by Humaita, Paso de Patria, Payagua, San Juan Bautista, Santa Maria and San Ignacio and Asuncion, capital of Paraguay is situated at the distance of 400 kilometers from Pilar. Coordinates of Pilar are 26.8700° S, 58.3000° W.


History of Pilar:

Pilar was established in the year 1779, by Pedro Melo de Portugal and name the region as Villa del Neembucu and four year later was named as Villa del Pilar by Spanish.


Places to Visit in Pilar:

Town Council Museum:

Town Council Museum is located in Pilar city built in the year 1817, during the rule of president Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, it is one of the best preserved buildings in the country and the museum showcases the historical photographs, trophies and medals and other historical artifacts.


Tourism in Pilar:

Pilar is one of the oldest cities in the country and home to huge number of historical buildings well preserved till now and many festivals organized in the city throughout the year visited by thousands of tourists from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and all the parts of Paraguay country. Fiesta Hawaiana event is organized on January 2 every year along the River Neembucu, is the largest event organized in the city. River Paraguay provides some of the water activities in the city and water is clear and fishing is the main activity along the river.


Best time to Visit Pilar:

Pilar experiences hot and humid climate due to the rivers located close to the city. During summer maximum temperature goes up to 40° C and during winter the temperature may fall below 2° C. Best time to visit Pilar is from the months of May to September.


How to Reach Pilar?

By Air:

Pilar is served by Carlos Miguel Jimenez Airport located at the distance of 4 kilometers from centre of the city serves daily domestic flights to Asuncion city.


By Ferry:

Ferries are the major mode of traveling in the country and it also operates ferries to Argentina cities.


By Road:

Pilar is connected through National Highway 4 connecting  Asuncion city and bus terminal in the city is accessible with buses to Asuncion, Luque, Ñemby, Ciudad del Este, Villarica, Pedro Juan Caballero, Encarnación, Santa Rita and San Lorenzo cities.


Where to Stay in Pilar?

Pilar is one of the popular destinations for local and international tourists but no star hotels in the city. Tourists can find guest houses and home stay facilities in the city and there are many tour operators in the city which provide very attractive offers to the tourists booking package through them and operators provides very good accommodation facilities in the city with all the modern amenities and facilities.

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