Ayolas Tourist Places to Visit in Ayolas, Paraguay, America

Ayolas Tourist Places to Visit in Ayolas, Paraguay, America

Ayolas is a small city in the Misiones department in Paraguay. The city was named after the Juan de Ayolas and is situated in the south part of the country and covers an area of 122 square miles (47 square miles) and located at an elevation of 70 meters (230 feet) above the sea level. Economy of the city mainly depends on fishing, cattle breeding and commerce. Ayolas is surrounded by Yabebyry, Santiago, San Cosme y Damian, Isla Yacyreta, Laureles and Coronel Bogado and located at the distance of 320 kilometers from Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Coordinates of Ayolas are 27.4000° S, 56.9000° W.


History of Ayolas:

Ayolas region was founded by Patricio Aquino in the year 1840 and the dam was constructed in the city and houses were constructed in the region for the workers who were working for the dam project. Ayolas district is renowned for “National Party of the Dorado”.


Tourism in Ayolas:

People of Ayolas are very friendly and close to the city one can locate hydroelectric Yacyreta it is also famed as “country of the moon” due to its exceptional ecosystem thousands of local and international tourists visit the city throughout the year because of its beautiful forest and lagoons. There is a small island close to Ayolas which offers breathtaking landscape and ecosystem and beach along the river is unspoiled with crystal clear water and abundance of fishes like Boga, Dorado and other species. San Jose-mi church in the city is one of the renowned churches in the country and every year during September Arary Festival is organized which is visited by number of devotees from the country.


Places to Visit in Ayolas:

Arqueologycal Museum:

Arqueologycal Museum is the only museum in the city and the museum displays objects and artifacts in and around the city and also exhibits animals and vegetables species found in the region.


San Jose-mi Church:

San Jose-mi church is one of the prominent churches in the country which is visited by number of devotees from all over the country and during the month of September, Arary Carnival takes place and games are organized in the church.


Other Places to visit in Ayolas:

  • Mil Viviendas Theatre
  • Coratei Beach
  • San Jose-mi Beach


Best time to Visit Ayolas:

Climate in Ayolas is divided into summer and winter season, during summer utmost temperature is 39° C and during winter temperature may drop to 0° C normally and best time to visit Ayolas is during the summer season.


How to Reach Ayolas?

Juan de Ayolas Airport is located in the city which serves domestic flights to Asuncion city regularly and Asuncion Airport is the prominent international airport in the country located at the distance of 320 kilometers from Ayolas city. Ayolas is situated at the border of Argentina and it receives buses from different parts of the country at regular interval and minibuses are the operated in the city. Ayolas has a small port which is located close to the border and serves with domestic and international ferries and best way to reach neighboring cities.


Where to Stay in Ayolas?

Ayolas is a small city located in the remote location there are prominent hotels in the city but there are few guesthouses and home stay facilities in and around the city which provides basic facilities to the customers. Guesthouses in Ayolas may cost from $ 8 to $ 50 per day with basic facilities like bed, mosquito nets, fan, kitchen and few other facilities.

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