Vallemi Tourist Places to Visit in Vallemi, Paraguay, America

Vallemi Tourist Places to Visit in Vallemi, Paraguay, America

Vallemi is a small town in department of Concepcion in the country of Paraguay,is situated at the meeting point of Paraguay and Apa Rivers and spread over a total area of 1,005 square kilometers (388 square miles) at an elevation of 367 feet (112 meters) above the sea level. Vallemi is home to National Cement Industry which is the largest company in the country and economy of the region depends on limestone and marble mining and the area is identified as the mountains of grapefruit. Vallemi was established by Capitan Lazaro Aranda in the year 1930.

Vallemi is surrounded by san Lazaro, Puerto Casado, and Porto Murtinho and located few kilometers away from the border of Brazil. Vallemi is situated at the distance of 620 kilometers from Asuncion, capital of Paraguay and coordinates of Vallemi are 22.1667° S, 57.9167° W.


Places to Visit in Vallemi:

Apa River:

Apa River is one of the prominent rivers in Brazil and Paraguay countries flows from Brazil and joins to Paraguay River in Vallemi town along the river there are several variants of native flora and fauna seen and visited by number of tourists.


Saint Lazarus Church:

Saint Lazarus Church was constructed in the honor of Saint Lazarus, the monument in the main square is the major landmark of the region surrounded by several talented craftsmen.


Mountains of Fifteen:

Mountains of Fifteen is a chain of mountains located at an elevation of 500 meters above the sea level and mountains are still to explore and from top of the mountain one can sight the stunning views of surrounding landscapes and valleys.


Cave of San Lazaro:

Cave of San Lazaro is situated towards the northeast part of Vallemi town, has around 14 deep wells and big ground and inside the cave one can see the roots of trees embedded in the walls of the cave and Cave of San Lazaro is one of the must visit place in the town.


Other places to visit in Vallemi:

  • Tres Cerros Cave
  • Holy Cave
  • Calera Rusa
  • Festival Apa River
  • Estancia Tres Hermanas


Best time to Visit Vallemi:

Vallemi has three seasons in the year, summer, winter and wet seasons. Summer is hot and dry from June to September, wet season is from November to January and winter season is from February to May. Best time to visit Vallemi is from the month of February to May.


How to Reach Vallemi?

River is the best route to reach Vallemi town, one can come across small boats and ferries operating from San Lazaro to Asuncion city and to other towns along the Paraguay River. Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is situated at the distance of 600 kilometers is the main airport in the country which handles domestic and international flights. Buses will operate from Asuncion and other parts of the country to Vallemi town regularly and buses will also operate from bordering country Brazil to Vallemi.


Where to Stay in Vallemi?

Vallemi is a small town but prominent for housing one the largest cement factory in the country and surrounded by mountains. There is no luxurious hotel in and around the town but there are few guesthouses and home stay facilities in the town which are operated by government and private organizations with some of the basic facilities. There are small shops from where one can buy day to day usable and cuisines are provided in the guesthouse.

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