Places to Visit in Esquipulas, Guatemala, America

Places to Visit in Esquipulas, Guatemala, America

Esquipulas is one of the municipalities of the department of Chiquimula in Guatemala. The city of Esquipulas is the seat and the largest in Esquipulas municipality and is located about 45 km from Chiquimula city and 200 km from Guatemala City.

Esquipulas was added to UNESCO World Heritage site list in 2002. It is one of the culturally and economically most important cities of the country and is considered as major site of Central Catholic pilgrimage. Basilica of Esquipulas is the icon of Esquipulas.

Esquipulas is the most visited city in the eastern Guatemala by tourists and the 2nd most visited city in Guatemala after Guatemala City. It receives around 4 million tourists every year for its ecotourism and religious sites.


Geography of Esquipulas:

Esquipulas is placed between 14°37′ N latitude and 89°12′ W longitude, occupies an area of 532 sq. km. is surrounded by Olopa in the north, Metapan to the south, Copán in the east and Concepcion Las Minas municipality towards west.


Etymology of Esquipulas:

Esquipulas was earlier known as Yzquipulas and the literal meaning of Esquipulas in local language is ‘the place where flowers abound’.


How to reach Esquipulas?

Esquipulas is located about 50 km away from its nearest airport, Chiquimula Airport and other accessible airports are Santa Rosa De Copan Airport and Palacios Airport.

El Salvador International Airport and La Aurora International Airport are about 195 and 200 km away from Esquipulas respectively.

Due to the presence of religious sites and tourist attractions in Esquipulas, there are plenty of tourist vehicles continuously plying between Esquipulas and other major cities of the country. Other than tourist vehicles, public buses are also serving the public at Esquipulas regularly.


Food and Shopping in Esquipulas:

There are many food corners and shopping centres located in and around Esquipulas and the major restaurants are as follows:

  • La Hacienda
  • La Rotunda
  • Burger Diner
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Cevicheria El Pato
  • Willy’s Restaurante


Places to see near Esquipulas:

Basilica of Esquipulas:

Basilica of Esquipulas is the identity as well as tourist destination of Esquipulas. This religious site was constructed in 1740 and is regularly visited by devotees from the United States, Mexico, Europe and Central American countries.


Mine Cave:

Mine Cave is situated in the south of the city in the vicinity of Basilica. This is a historically significant cave and favorite of researchers and tourists.


Ecological Park Cueva de las Minas:

An ecological Park Cueva de la Minas is home to more than 25 species of animals and a basketball court, a restaurant and parking facility as well.


Other places of interest near Esquipulas include:

  • Park Chatun
  • Stone of the Compadres
  • Reserva de la biosfera Trifinio
  • Reserva de la Biosfera El Guisayote
  • Acueducto Los Arcos
  • Rio Atulapa


Best time to visit Esquipulas:

The months between May to August are ideal to visit Esquipulas.


Accommodation Options in Esquipulas:

Esquipulas is a holy site famous for its ancient churches and eco tourism. It is visited by millions of tourists every year, due this to fulfill the requirement of tourists and devotees there are many luxurious hotels and lodges established all around Esquipulas and they provides all the upgraded facilities with basic amenities. The prominent hotels in and around Esquipulas are as follows:

  • Hotel Legendario
  • Hotel El Peregrino
  • Hotel Real Santa Maria
  • Portal de la Fe
  • Hotel Posada El Canja
  • Hotel El Gran Chorti
  • Hotel Tikal Inn
  • Hostal Maria Teresa
  • Hostal Las Luces
  • Hotel El Gran Chorti
  • Hotel Hernandez
  • Hotel Dario
  • Hotel Posada Don Adano
  • Hotel Rio
  • Hotel Victoria
  • Hotel Posada El Canja
  • Portal de la Fe
  • MARBEA Hotel

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