Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Guatemala, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Guatemala, America

Guatemala is a country in Central America positioned between 14°38′ N latitude and 90°30′ W longitude is spread over an area of 108,890 sq. km. and Guatemala City is the capital and the largest city of Guatemala. The currency of Guatemala is Quetzal and the official language is Spanish.


Geography of Guatemala:

Guatemala is surrounded by Belize in the northeast, Mexico on the north and west, the Pacific Ocean towards southwest, El Salvador in the southeast and Honduras to the east and Caribbean in the east.


Etymology and History of Guatemala:

Guatemala derives its name from the Nahuatl language and its literal meaning is ‘place of many trees’. The history of Guatemala dates back to the 12,000 BC when the first human settlement arrived at Guatemala. The Spanish ruled Guatemala nearly 300 years from 1519 to 1821 and the independence of Guatemala was declared on 15th September 1821 from Spanish. After the independence, it came under the dictatorship of the series of dictators and finally its constitution was formed on 31st May 1985.


How to reach Guatemala?

The top ten cities of Guatemala are Guatemala City, Mixco, Villa Nueva, Petapa, San Juan Sacatepequez, Quetzaltenango, Villa Canales, Escuintla, Chinautla and Chimaltenango.

La Aurora International Airport is the most important airport of the country located in the capital city, Guatemala. It operates most flights to Central American and North American destinations like Mexico City, Madrid, Roatan, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Houston and Miami.

Guatemala is also well connected by bus with bordering countries like Belize, Honduras and Mexico. Adrenalina Tours, ADN, Linea Dorada and Galgos are the major intercity bus operators.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Guatemala:

Guatemala has distinctive culture known for the Music of Guatemala and typical traditional dances. Other than Spanish, natives speak many dialects of Mayan language.

Guatemalan cuisine inherits many features of Maya cuisine and corn, chilies and beans are the primarily used staple food in the local cuisine.

Most of the country’s shopping centres, cultural centres and food corners are located in the national capital, Guatemala City.


Things to do in Guatemala:

  • LiveGuate
  • Shopping
  • Cinema
  • Parks
  • Libraries

Tourist Attractions in Guatemala:

Popol Vuh Museum:

Popol Vuh Museum possesses the archaeological items from the pre-colonial and colonial period in the separate galleries. It is open from 9:00-17:00 between Monday-Friday and 9:00-13:00 Saturday. Entrance fee is Q35 adults and Q15 for students and extra fee charged for photo and video.


Jardines Botanico:

Jardines Botanico is considered as the first botanical garden in Central America and it houses diverse native and foreign plant species. It belongs to Museum of Natural History.


Aurora Zoo:

Aurora Zoo is a typical site housing different indigenous and abroad animals. This zoo features a decent environment and also tourists can enjoy low melodious voices of birds here.


Other places of interest in Guatemala include:

  • Mapa en Relieve
  • Ixchel Museum of traditional costumes
  • Archaeology and Ethnology Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Kaminaljuyu
  • Museo Miraflores
  • Parque Central and The Cathedral
  • Palacio Nacional
  • National History Museum
  • Museo Carlos F. Novella


Best time to visit Guatemala:

Probably during the ending months of the year are ideal to travel Guatemala.


Accommodation Options in Guatemala:

Guatemala is culturally strong city drawing a large number of tourists from the different American countries throughout the year. Guatemala City houses the greater percentage of country’s luxury hotels, motels and service apartments. The prominent accommodation centres in Guatemala City are listed below:



  • Pension Meza
  • GuateFriends Bed & Breakfast
  • 2 Lunas Guest House
  • Hostal Hermano Pedro
  • Hostal Los Volcanes
  • Hotel Spring
  • Hotel San Martin
  • Quetzalroo Backpackers
  • Xamanek Student Inn



  • Hotel Mansion Imperial
  • Hotel Princess Guatemala
  • Best Western Stofella
  • Comfort Hostel
  • Hotel Pan American
  • Ciudad Vieja


Top end:

  • Real InterContinental Guatemala
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Westin Camino Real
  • Holiday Inn
  • Barceló Guatemala City

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