Tourist Places to Visit in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, America

Quetzaltenango also known as Xelaju is the 2nd largest city in Guatemala. It serves as the capital of both Quetzaltenango Department and Quetzaltenango municipality.

The municipalities coming under Quetzaltenango department are Zunil, El Palmar, Concepcion Chiquirichapa, Salcaja, Cantel, Almolonga, San Mateo, La Esperanza, and Olintepeque.


Geography and Climate of Quetzaltenango:

Quetzaltenango is situated about 195 km from Guatemala City, the capital and largest city of Guatemala, is spread over an area of 120 sq. km. located at 14°50′40″ N 91°30′05″ W at an altitude of 2330 meters.

Quetzaltenango features a subtropical highland climate with rainy season which runs from May through October and dry season from November to April. Quetzaltenango enjoys coldest months from November to February and warmest months from March to July.


Etymology and History of Quetzaltenango:

Quetzaltenanco was the original name of Quetzaltenango deriving from the Nahuatl language meaning’ the place of the quetzal bird’. It served as the capital of many kingdoms and states from 15th to 19th century including Los Altos. Quetzaltenango was founded on May 7, 1524.

How to reach Quetzaltenango?

Quetzaltenango is well connected with Guatemala City by Chicken buses costing around Q30 and the known bus operators include:

  • Autobuses Del Notre
  • Alamo
  • Fuentes Del Notre
  • Linea Dorada
  • Galgos

Quetzaltenango Airport is located 5 km away from the city centre, operated by Aviones Comerciales de Guatemala and Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos with charter flights.

Minibuses are very common in Quetzaltenango and also they are very helpful, charging 1.25Q to move all around the city. Taxis and bicycles are other local travel options.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Quetzaltenango:

Quetzaltenango is popularly called as ‘The City that is the Soul of Culture’ because of its cultural importance. It is also known for rich nightlife.

There are all the types of shops in Quetzaltenango including fashion and sport. The major food corners in Quetzaltenango are listed below:

  • La Genovese
  • Comida Taiwanesa
  • Churrascaria Cajola
  • Luna Cafe
  • El Cuartito Cafe


Must visit and things to do in Quetzaltenango:

  • Internet Cafes
  • Volcanoes
  • Mountains
  • Hot springs
  • Kamalbe Spanish School & Volunteer Center
  • Escuela de Espanol Utatlan


Places to see in Quetzaltenango:

Espiritu Santo Cathedral:

Espiritu Santo Cathedral is the most prominent religious site as well as tourist attraction of Quetzaltenango. ‘Espiritu Santo’ parish’s ancient facade and ‘Diocesis de los Altos’ are the two major structures of Espiritu Santo Cathedral.


Central America Park:

Central America Park also called as Parque Central is a cultural centre located in the midpoint of the city and it hosts regular cultural activities and amusements.


Municipal Theatre:

Municipal Theatre is the major landmark and tourist attraction in Quetzaltenango, built and designed with neoclassical style architecture.


Other places of interest in Quetzaltenango include:

  • Enrique Passage
  • Gobernacion
  • Accidental Cultural Centre
  • Alliance Française de Quetzalteango
  • Rivera Building
  • Railway Museum


Best time to visit Quetzaltenango:

Between November and April is the ideal time to travel Quetzaltenango.


Accommodation Options in Quetzaltenango:

Quetzaltenango is the cultural capital of Guatemala with historical buildings designed with classical, neoclassical and Italian renaissance styles and is also well known for its hospitality industry. There are many luxury and mid range hotels located in Quetzaltenango with upgraded facilities. The price per night may vary on the facilities provided by the hotels and the prominent hotels in Quetzaltenango are as follows:

  • The Black Cat Hostel
  • Casa Argentina
  • Hotel Pension Bonifaz
  • Casa Dona Mercedes
  • Hostal La Estacion
  • Itzamna Xela Homestay
  • Casas Luna De Xelaju
  • Hotel Modelo
  • Hotel Real Virginia
  • Posada San Andres
  • Casa San Bartolome
  • Hotel Villa Real Plaza
  • Hotel Casa Manen
  • Hotel Casa del Viajero
  • Loc Chocoyos Casa Siguan
  • Casa Latina
  • Guesthouse El Puente
  • 7 Orejas Hostal

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