Places to Visit in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, America

Places to Visit in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, America

Retalhuleu is an administrative headquarters of both Retalhuleu department and Retalhuleu Municipality in the south-western Guatemala. It is located about 205 km from Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala. Retalhuleu is nicknamed ‘Reu’. Juventud Retalteca is the local football club of Retalhuleu.

The municipalities in Retalhuleu department are El Asintal, Champerico, Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu, San Andrés Villa Seca, San Felipe, San Martin Zapotitlan, San Sebastian and Santa Cruz Mulua. Retalhuleu is home to many Pre-Columbian ruins.


Geography of Retalhuleu:

Retalhuleu is positioned between 14°32′ N latitude and91°41′ W longitude at an altitude of 240 meters. Retalhule department occupies an area of 1856 km². Retalhuleu experiences a tropical savanna climate.


Connectivity to Retalhuleu:

Retalhuleu Airport operates only domestic flights, is located few kilometers away from the city centre. Other nearby airports are Quetzaltenango Airport and Coatepeque Airport. The nearest international airport is La Aurora International Airport which is 210 km away from Retalhuleu.

Retalhuleu also has good connectivity with Guatemala City by regular bus services, operated by many private bus companies. For local travel, tourists can choose bus or taxi or bicycle or bike.

Culture, Food and Shopping in Retalhuleu:

Kiche people dominate the population of Retalhuleu and the department of Retalhuleu houses many Pre-Columbian ruins and Takalik Abaj and San Juan Noj are the major sites among them. Football is very popular sport in Retalhuleu and Juventud Retalteca is the native football club.

There are many restaurants and shopping centres in Retalhuleu department and most of them are sited in Retalhuleu city. The prominent restaurants in Retalhuleu are:

  • Carnitas Rosi
  • Puro Rollo
  • Restaurant y Churrascos Mandarin Oriental
  • Restaurant Maxim´s
  • Pollo Campero
  • Restaurante Flor Azul
  • Restaurante Albamar
  • Restaurante De La Cruz


Things to do in Retalhuleu:

  • Visiting villages
  • Historical sites
  • Boat tour
  • Internet browsing
  • Shopping


Places to see in Retalhuleu:


Takalik Abaj:

Takalik Abaj is a pre-Columbian archaeological site located in the Retalhuleu Department, houses many sculptures, monuments from the Early Pre-classic, Middle Pre-classic and Late Pre-classic periods.


San Juan Noj:

San Juan Noj is one of the well known archeological sites in Retalhuleu department housing many historical buildings and carved rocks.



Champerico is a picturesque beach town and popular vacation spot, established in the year 1872. The port of Champerico is one of the top attractions of Retalhuleu Department.


Other places of interest in Retalhuleu include:

  • San Felipe
  • San Martin Zapotitlan
  • San Sebastian
  • Santa Cruz Mulua
  • El Asintal
  • Nuevo San Carlos
  • Retalhuleu
  • San Andres Villa Seca
  • Xetulul
  • Xocomil
  • Centro Comercial Paseo Las Palmas
  • Retalhuleu Airport


Best time to visit Retalhuleu:

The months of dry season are ideal to visit Retalhuleu.


Accommodation Options in Retalhuleu:

Retalhuleu is one of the major cities in Guatemala well known for its archeological sites and restaurants. Also Retalhuleu is very famous for its luxurious accommodation centres with upgraded amenities. The facilities provided by the hotels are dry cleaning, hot water bath and private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, 24 hour room service and help desk, conference hall and outdoor activities as well. The prominent hotels in and around Retalhuleu are as follows:

  • Hotel La Colonia
  • La Quinta Hotel Bed & Breakfast
  • Hotel Astor
  • Hotel Posada De Don Jose
  • Tak’alik Maya Lodge
  • Hotel & Bungalows Don Pepe
  • Hotel Gran Karmel
  • Hotel Irtra
  • Hotel y Restaurante Siboney
  • Hotel y Restaurante Eco Resort Samala
  • Hotel y Restaurante El Submarino
  • Takalik Maya Lodge

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