La Paz Tourist Places to Visit in La Paz, Bolivia, America

La Paz Tourist Places to Visit in La Paz, Bolivia, America

La Paz is a capital city of La Paz department in Bolivia. La Paz is situated towards the western part of the country is the 2nd largest city in the Bolivia following Santa Cruz de la Sierra. La Paz spans an area of 472 square kilometers (182 square miles) and situated at an average elevation of 11,942 feet (3,640 meters) above the sea level and surrounded by valleys of the Andes. La Paz has many Universities and tourist places to visit and local festivals organize all throughout the year.

La Paz is surrounded by Palca, Achocalla, Mecapaca, Laja Municipality, Viacha and Pucarani Municipality and located at the distance of 688 kilometers from capital of Bolivia, Sucre. Coordinates of La Paz are 16.5000° S, 68.1500° W.


History of La Paz:

La Paz was established in the year 1548 and originally known as Nuestra Senora de La Paz. Juan Gutierrez Paniagua, in the year 1549 designed the urban city with plazas, public areas, office buildings and cathedral. In the year 1809, independence struggle was started by Domingo Murillo and was hanged later. Spanish American wars of independence started in the year 1825 and in the year 1898, national government was established in the city.


Places to Visit in La Paz:

National Park Cotapata:

The National Park Cotapata is placed in the Northeast of La Paz, around to 18 kilometers. The park has a supercilious peak variety, snowfields, periglacier regions and depressing humid forest.


National Park Apolobamba:

The National Park Apolobamba is positioned at the West of La Paz city and has an unbelievable picturesque exquisite because of the snow-covered high mountains like Akamani, President and Katantika.


National Park Madidi:

The National Park Madidi is placed in the Northeast of La Paz and the parking restrictions in the West with Peru. It has a facade of 1.895.750 hectares (18,957 square kilometers). The region has an astonishing diversity of physiographic environment, from the Apolobamba high mountain range until the Amazon area.


Calle Jaen:

Calle Jaen has been conserved from Spanish days, and is home to 10 motivating museums gathered together. Calle Jaen is La Paz’s best majestic street, and the museums can effortlessly be bundled into one visit.


Other Places to visit in La Paz:

  • Huatajata Community
  • Chacaltaya
  • Cathedral and Plaza Murillo
  • Witches Market
  • Moon Valley
  • Coca Museum
  • Iglesia de San Francisco
  • Lucha Libre
  • La Paz Cemetery


Best time to Visit La Paz:

La Paz enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year and has a dry climate with rainfall taking place mainly during the months of November to March and best time to visit La Paz is from June to October.


How to Reach La Paz?

El Alto International Airport, located at the distance of 4.5 kilometers from La Paz city is an international airport handles direct flights to cities like Trinidad, Cuzco, Miami, Washington, Lima, Arica, Cobija and few other cities. The bus terminal in the city has daily departures to major cities in Bolivia and buses are also available to neighboring countries like Chile and Peru. Tourists can get around the city by walk or can hire taxi or can board the bus.


Where to Stay in La Paz?

Being a popular tourist destination in Bolivia, La Paz has some excellent luxury hotels which offer a high degree of soothing to the visitors and tourists who plan to take accommodation in such hotels. Besides providing world class accommodation the hotels also serve exquisite Bolivia recipes and cuisines and hotel rooms in La Paz cost from $ 30 to $ 450 and above per day. List of hotels located in La Paz is:

  • DM Hotel Andino, La Paz
  • Casa Grande Hotel, La Paz
  • La Loge de la Comedie Aparthotel, La Paz
  • Palma Real Eco suites, La Paz
  • Hotel Sajama, La Paz
  • Panamerican Hotel, La Paz
  • LP Columbus, La Paz
  • Hotel Madre Tierra, La Paz
  • Hostel Naira, La Paz
  • Berlina Hotel
  • Cordillera Real Hotel
  • Posada de la Abuela Obdulia


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