Tourist Places to Visit in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, America

Santa Cruz is the 9th largest department in Bolivia country spans a total area of 370,621 square kilometers. Santa Cruz is rich in natural resources and economy is based on agriculture, natural gas, industries and raw minerals and divided into 15 provinces and Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the capital of Santa Cruz department located in the Andres Ibanez province. Santa Cruz is located at the distance of 504 kilometers from capital of country Bolivia, Sucre and coordinates are 17.8000° S, 63.1667° W.


People and Food of Santa Cruz:

Spanish is spoken by majority of the people in the department followed by Quechua, Aymara, Guarani and other native languages. There are plenty of excellent restaurants in the department offers authentic Spanish and western cuisines.


Places to Visit in Santa Cruz:

National Park Amboro:

National Park Amboro in Bolivia presents a great scenic attractiveness like deep valleys, the hammering rivers and the waterfalls. It is situated to the West of Santa Cruz is must visit site in Santa Cruz.


Metropolitan Cathedral:

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Cruz was constructed by Brother Mercedario Diego de Porres during the times of the Spanish Viceroy Toledo is identified for its wooden vaults and for the symbolic decoration that covers them.


Parque Arenal:

Parque Arenal in Santa Cruz is renowned among local tourists. Parque Arenal surrounds a lagoon and is an ideal place for lounging or taking a wander.


Los Espejillos:

Los Espejillos has dazzling waterfalls and natural pools, a marvel of nature. A sequence of waterfalls has engraved out and crammed numerous deep pools as they cascade downward in step-like style.


Other Places to visit in Santa Cruz:

  • La Chiquitania
  • National Park Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco
  • National Park Otuquis
  • San Matias Natural Area
  • Museum of Arte Sacro
  • San Andres Church
  • Botanical Garden
  • Valle Grande
  • Municipal Zoo
  • Puerto Suarez
  • San Jose de Chiquitos

Best time to Visit Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz experiences tropical savanna climate with a normal yearly temperature about 23° Celsius. Best time to visit Santa Cruz is from March to August.


How to Reach Santa Cruz?

Viru Viru International Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in the country which handles domestic and international flights to countries like South, Central and North America, British, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean. Tourists can find lots of land transportation and lots of buses operating from different parts of the country to Santa Cruz frequently. Bus and share taxi are the common mode of transportation in and around the town.


Where to Stay in Santa Cruz?

Hotel in Santa Cruz offers comfortable facilities and amenities and personalized services for visitors traveling to the Santa Cruz city. Santa Cruz offers hotels ranging from one star to 5 star hotels with all the luxurious amenities and facilities to the customers visiting the city all through the year and facilities like spa, sauna, hot water spring bath, steam bath, free internet with Wi-Fi, etc are provided in the all the major hotels. Some of the hotels in Santa Cruz are listed below:

  • Hotel Buganvillas, Santa Cruz
  • Laguna Volcan Golf Eco Resort, Santa Cruz
  • Hotel Boutique Senses, Santa Cruz
  • Yotau All Suites Hotel, Santa Cruz
  • Cinco Hotel Boutique, Santa Cruz
  • Hotel Caparuch, Santa Cruz
  • Casa Patio Hotel Boutique, Santa Cruz
  • LP Santa Cruz Hotel, Santa Cruz
  • Camino Real Hotel, Santa Cruz
  • Villa Magna Apart Hotel, Santa Cruz
  • Gran Hotel Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz
  • Las Palmas Hotel, Santa Cruz

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