Best Tourist Places to Visit in Samaipata, Bolivia, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Samaipata, Bolivia, America

Samaipata town is located in Santa Cruz department in Bolivia country, is located 145 kilometers from Santa Cruz city and is one of the most impressive places to visit in Bolivia country is surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. Samaipata economy mainly depends on tourism, agriculture and crafts. Samaipata is bounded by Pasorapa, Vallegrande, El Torno and La Guardia towns located at the distance of 360 kilometers from Sucre, capital of Bolivia. Coordinates of Samaipata are 18.1794° S, 63.8756° W.


History of Samaipata:

Samaipata region was occupied by Chane culture populace who were dedicated to agriculture, gathering and hunting and the region were later dominated by the Incas, native populaces from Peru. Pedro de Escalante y Mendoza established the Samaipata in the year 1618 between Santa Cruz and Vallegrande.


Places to Visit in Samaipata:

El Fuerte:

El Fuerte was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1998, El Fuerte occupies a peak about 10 kilometers from the village and offers magnificent views across the rocky alteration zone between the Andes and low-lying regions further east.


Museo Arquelogico:

Museo Arquelogico is a small archaeological museum of Samaipata attracts the tourists and has a few Tiwanaku artifacts and some local pottery.


La Pajcha and Nido de Condores:

La Pajcha and Nido de Condores are the series of three stunning waterfalls on a Turbid Mountain River, which plunge 45 meters into a vague tropical lagoon.


Los Espejillos:

Los Espejillos society venture has numerous waterfalls and natural swimming pools, with beautiful, spotless and energizing water dazzling over the elegant black rock that characterizes the area is located around 20 kilometers from Samaipata.


Las Cuevas:

Las Cuevas is around 23 kilometers from Samaipata, tourists can arrive at two exquisite waterfalls that trickle into eminently swimmable lagoons bounded by sandy beaches and camp facilities are available in Las Cuevas.


Other Places to visit in and around Samaipata:

  • Zoo El Refugio
  • Bermejo
  • Vallegrande
  • Pucara
  • La Higuera
  • Laguna Volcan


Best time to Visit Samaipata:

Samaipata is served with semi-dry and mild with a standard yearly temperature of estimated 19° Celsius. Best time to visit Samaipata is from May to October.


How to Reach Samaipata?

Viru Viru International Airport is the nearest airport to Samaipata located at the distance of 140 kilometers in Andres Ibanez Province handles passenger domestic and international flights to major cities in the Western countries. Expresso Samaipata and Cooperativa de Transporte are the two major bus service providers to Samaipata town and buses will operate regularly. Tourists can hire taxi, or rent motorbike from the hotels to get around the town.


Where to Stay in Samaipata?

Samaipata hotels and resorts are located in a beautiful and peaceful valley close to the Samaipata Ruins and Amboro National Park which will delight the tourists by their amazing packages and offers. Hotels in Samaipata offer facilities like family cabin, refrigerator, parking facilities, garden, bar, hot showers, and many other exciting amenities. Some of the prominent hotels in Samaipata are listed below:

  • Finca La Vispera, Samaipata
  • El Pueblito Hotel Resort, Samaipata
  • Traudi’s Cabins, Samaipata
  • Andorina Hostal, Samaipata
  • Quinta Piray, Samaipata
  • Achira Sierra Resort, Samaipata
  • El Refugio Los Volcanes, Samaipata
  • Campeche Cabins, Samaipata
  • El Jardin Samaipata Alojamiento, Samaipata
  • La Posada del Sol Bed and Breakfast, Samaipata
  • El Curichal Hotel

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