Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Bolivia, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Bolivia, America

Plurinational State of Bolivia is commonly known as Bolivia is a landlocked nation in South America. Bolivia is located in the central part of South America covering an area of 1,098,581 square kilometers (424,163 square miles) and has a vast extent of biodiversity  considered globally. Bolivia is surrounded by Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina and the capital of the country is Sucre. Coordinates of Bolivia are 16.7120° S, 64.6660° W.

Bolivia is divided into three regions Altiplano, Sub-Andean Bolivia and Tropical Lowlands and has nine departments and 112 provinces. The economy of the country is mainly based on natural gas, agriculture, tourism and some small scale industries.


History of Bolivia:

Bolivia was settled for around 20,000 years and around 2,000 B.C, the Tiwanakan culture developed near the Titicaca Lake and urbanized superior agricultural and architectural techniques but vanished around 1200 AD. The Spanish established the colonies in the year 1524, as “Upper Peru” under the guidance of the Viceroy of Lima. In the year 1545, mining town was established in Potosi region and became the largest city in the New World. In 1809, independence struggle was started and acheived independence after the struggle for 16 years, in the year 1825. Bolivia was conquered by Paraguay in the Chaco War marked the turning point and ruled until the year 1951 and from the year 1952 a new government was formed in the country.

Places to Visit in Bolivia:

National Park Amboro:

National Park Amboro in Bolivia presents a great scenic attractiveness like deep valleys, the hammering rivers and the waterfalls. It is situated to the West of Santa Cruz and must visit site in Santa Cruz.


National Park Carrasco:

National Park Carrasco swanks unbelievable cloud forests and mountain panorama, deep valleys and canyons, torrential rivers, waterfalls, and exuberant vegetation. National Park is located in Cochabamba city.


National Park Cotapata:

The National Park Cotapata is located in the Northeast of La Paz, around to 18 kilometers. The park has a lofty peak range, snowfields, periglacier regions and gloomy humid forest. One of its largest attractions is the Pre-Colombian eras.


National Park Madidi:

The National Park Madidi is placed to the Northeast of La Paz and the park restrictions to the West with Peru. It has a facade of 1.895.750 hectares (18,957 square kilometers). The region has an astonishing diversity of physiographic environments, from the Apolobamba high mountain range until the Amazon area.


Other Places to visit in and around Bolivia:

  • Archeological Museum
  • Parque Machia
  • El Cristo de la Concordia
  • Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Parque Arenal
  • Los Espejillos
  • Concepcion Church
  • National Park Apolobamba
  • Tuichi River
  • El Fuerte
  • Los Espejillos
  • Botanical Garden
  • Cathedral Basilica
  • General Cemetery
  • La Recoleta Convent
  • Rincón de la Victoria
  • Chorros de Jurina
  • Trinidad Cathedral
  • Museo Municipal
  • Uyuni Salt Flats
  • Amazing Lagoons


People, Food and Culture of Bolivia:

Bolivia still follows the indigenous culture and divided into two groups by name the Andean groups and ethnic groups. Bolivia has 37 official languages including Spanish and Spanish is the most spoken language in the country. Cuisines of Bolivia stems mainly from the combination of Spanish food with traditional indigenous ingredients. There are lots of restaurants in the country which offers traditional indigenous cuisines and western cuisines as well. Culture of Bolivia is broadly divided into three different periods pre-Columbian, colonial, and republican.


How to Reach Bolivia?

Bolivia has well developed transportation facilities in the country, each region is connected with airports except few mountainous regions and there are four major international airports in the country. Buses are the main land transpiration mode in the country each town and cities are connected through bus services. Taxi, shared taxis and cars are used for the short distance travelling. Railway service is available only in few parts of the country and other parts of the country are surrounded by mountainous regions.


Where to Stay in Bolivia?

Bolivia has some of the finest in class hotels that present admirable accommodation amenities to the tourists visiting the place throughout the year. The hotels range from small budget ones to ultra luxurious deluxe hotels offering hosts of amazing services and amenities and there are many guesthouses in the country for the economy tourists. List of some of the hotels located in Bolivia are listed below:

  • Cesars Plaza Hotel
  • Gran Hotel Cochabamba
  • Hotel Camino Real Santa Cruz
  • Hotel Residencial Europa
  • Hotel Sajama, La Paz
  • Panamerican Hotel, La Paz
  • Totoral Eco Lodge, Rurrenabaque
  • El Ambaibo Hotel, Rurrenabaque
  • Quinta Piray, Samaipata
  • Achira Sierra Resort, Samaipata
  • Hotel Jenecheru, Santa Cruz
  • rbari Apartment Resort Hotel
  • Hostal El Turista, Santa Cruz

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