Tupiza Tourist Places to Visit in Tupiza, Bolivia, America

Tupiza Tourist Places to Visit in Tupiza, Bolivia, America

Tupiza is a city in the Sud Chichas Province in Potosi Department in Bolivia, is the capital of the Sud Chichas Province, situated at an elevation of around 3160 meters above the sea level and surrounded by spectacular red escarpments and farming and silver mining is the main form of living in Tupiza city. Tupiza is surrounded by Villazon, Tarija, Rio, and Uyuni and located close to Argentina border and Sucre, capital of Bolivia is located at the distance of 405 kilometers from Tupiza city. Coordinates of Tupiza are 21.4500° S, 65.8667° W.


History of Tupiza:

Tupiza was the main mining region in the country and the mining companies the city was established between the 1800s and 1900s and several head offices were constructed in the region. Butch Cassidy’s gang arrived in the year 1906 and looted a minerals trading house.


Places to Visit in Tupiza:

El Cañon:

El Cañon is a walk able network of rock walls, with small caves and cracked shaping the structures along the small riverbed. It’s about two and a half kilometers deep and perfect location for hiking.


Museo Municipal:

Museo Municipal is the small museum located in the city exhibits the photographs, mining equipment and military artifacts is the best place to know about the history of the city.


Other Places to visit in and around Tupiza:

  • El Angosto
  • Entre Rios
  • Mirador Christo
  • Cerro Elefante
  • Puerta del Diablo
  • Valle de los Machos
  • Cerro la Cruz


Best time to Visit Tupiza:

Tupiza is served by tropical savanna climate with dry winters and warm rainy summer. Summer season is from November to March and winter season is from April to October and best time to visit Tupiza is from April to October.


How to Reach Tupiza?

By Air:

Tupiza-Mochará Airport located at the distance of 25 kilometers from center of the city operates domestic flights to major cities in Bolivia country and from airport tourists can board buses or can hire taxis to reach Tupiza city.


By Bus:

Tupiza is located close to the border of Argentina and scheduled buses will operate from neighboring countries to Tupiza regularly and if tourists are travelling from other parts of Bolivia to Tupiza there are regular buses plying from La Paz, Potosi and Oruro cities.


Where to Stay in Tupiza?

Tupiza is historical city due to its isolated location only few tourists visit the region. There are few renowned hotels in the city which provides world class facilities and hospitality to the tourists visiting the place throughout the year, some of the facilities offered by hotels in Tupiza offers bar, lounge, business center, wellness center, free high speed internet, shuttle bus service, suites, facilities to the tourists. Tourists can also book the hotels well in advance prior to visiting the city through online bookings. Some of the hotels in Tupiza are listed below:

  • La Torre Hotel, Tupiza
  • Los Salares Hostal, Tupiza
  • Anexo Mitru, Tupiza
  • Hotel Mitru, Tupiza
  • Valle Hermoso Hotel, Tupiza
  • Tupiza Hostal, Tupiza
  • Apart Hotel 5 Hermanos, Tupiza

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