Best Tourist Places to Visit in El Salvador, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in El Salvador, America

El Salvador is country in the Central America and smallest and densely populated country and covers a total area of 21,040 square kilometers (8,127 square mile) and capital of the El Salvador is San Salvador and Santa Ana and San Miguel are the cultural and commercial centers for Central America. Until the year 2001, El Salvador’s official currency was Colon, from 2001, they adopted U.S. Dollar and coordinates of the El Salvador is 13.7176° N, 89.0279° W.


History of El Salvador:

El Salvador was inhabited by the American Pipil people and during the pre Columbian times the country was inhabited by several Native American people. In the year 1522, the territory came in contact with the Europeans and they established the Jiquilisco Bay at the mouth of River Lempa. During the 16th century, Spanish established the territory in the country and in the year 1898, General Tomas Regalado defeated the Rafael Antonio and ruled the country until 1903. From the year 1913 to 1927, Melendez-Quinonez dynasty ruled the country.


People, Food and Shopping in El Salvador:

Spanish is the official language of the country and majority of the population speak English language as well and has diversity of religious and ethnic groups followed in the country and majority of the people are Christians. There are several restaurants in the town which serves Italian, Korean, Japanese, French, Chilean, American, Peruvian, Mexican, Spanish, Middle Eastern, German, Chinese, Argentinian and others varieties of delicious and authentic cuisines.


Places to Visit in El Salvador:

  • Museo de la Palabra y La Images
  • Military History Museum
  • Volcan Guazapa
  • Templo del Senor Juayua
  • Iglesia Santa Lucia
  • Casa Museo de Alejandro Cotto
  • Iglesia El Rosario
  • Chaparrastique
  • Tin Marin Museo de los Ninos
  • Plaza Barrios
  • Museum of Popular Art
  • Cascada Los Tercios
  • Capilla Medalla Milagrosa
  • Ruinas de Tazumal
  • Museo de la Revolucion Salvadorena
  • Parque Nacional Los Volcanes
  • Centro Monsenor Romero
  • Parque Nacional Montecristo-El Trifinio
  • Jardin Botanico La Laguna


Things to do in El Salvador:

  • Surfing
  • Intipuca Beach
  • Water Skiing
  • Tubing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Para Sailing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Volcano Hiking
  • Waterfalls and Hot Springs
  • Nature hikes and Lake tours


Weather in El Salvador:

El Salvador experiences tropical climate, divided into wet and dry season and rainy season starts from May and continues till October and Dry season begins from the November and continues April.


How to Reach El Salvador?

El Salvador is served by 23 airports, all these airports cater with domestic flights in the country and international flights are available from El Salvador International Airport and this airport connects to various parts of the world is the major airport in the country.

El Salvador is connected by road network to the neighboring countries and there are several buses traverse the highways of the country and intercity bus services are very cheap and local transportation is served by cars, taxis and buses.


Where to Stay in El Salvador?

There are hotels such as budget, standard and luxury represents the structural design and many international standard facilities are accessible at three star and four star hotels in El Salvador. Luxurious hotels are charged anywhere from $ 300 to $ 1200 per day. Economy class hotels range $65 to $150 per day respective to single room or double room. Some of the prominent and renowned hotels in El Salvador are listed here below:

  • Villa del Angel Hotel
  • Morrison Hotel de la Escalon
  • Mizata Point Resort
  • Azul Surf Club
  • Los Almendros De San Lorenzo
  • Quinta El Carmen & La Casona
  • Pacific Paradise
  • Club Joya del Pacifico
  • Hotel Las Cabanas de Apaneca
  • Hotel Posada El Encanto
  • Horizonte Cabins
  • Entre Pinos Hotel & Resort
  • Quality Hotel Real Aeropuerto El Salvador
  • Comfort Inn Real La Union

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