Acajutla Tourist Places to Visit in Acajutla, El Salvador, America

Acajutla Tourist Places to Visit in Acajutla, El Salvador, America

Acajutla is a town in Sonsonate Department in El Salvador country situated at the Pacific Coast of Central America. Acajutla covers an area of 166.59 square kilometers (64.32 square miles) and positioned at an altitude of 24 meters (79 feet) above the sea level. Acajutla is surrounded by El Flor, Hacienda Atalaya, Club Salinitas and Hacienda San Antonio and port of Acajutla is one of the major ports in the country used for export of coffee, sugar and balsam. Coordinates of Acajutla are 13.5900° N, 89.8336° W.


History of Acajutla:

Hernan Cortes had captured the Mexico and Guatemala before capturing Acajutla and in the year 1524, conquered the indigenous people and occupied the El Salvador in the Battle of Acajutla. During the Spanish Empire, Acajutla became the major colonial port. In the year 1838, the country economy raise due the export of the coffee and many developments occurred in the town. First railway line was operated in the year 1882 from Sonsonate to Acajutla and port was established in the year 1961.


People, Food and Shopping in Acajutla:

Majority of the people in Acajutla speak Spanish and English and Spanish is the official language of the town and Geran, Dutch and French are taught in the schools and diverse religious and ethnic groups and Mestizo culture is followed in the country. There are many restaurants and food stalls in the town which offers some of the authentic cuisines from different parts of the word.


Places to Visit in Acajutla:

  • Golf Las
  • Decameron Salinitas
  • Los Cobanos
  • Puerto De Acajutla
  • Salinitas
  • Costa Azul
  • Beach Club

Things to do in Acajutla:

  • Swimming
  • Visit the Port
  • Beach
  • Night Life
  • Aquatic Sports
  • Boat Ride


Weather in Acajutla:

Acajutla is located at the Pacific Coast of Central America and climate is divided into wet and dry season and rainy season is from the month of May to October and dry season from the month of November to April.


How to Reach Acajutla?

Acajutla is situated at the distance of 72 kilometers from the El Palmer Airport and airport caters with domestic flights in the country and El Salvador International Airport is the major international airport in the country located 120 kilometers away from Acajutla.

Acajutla is very well indentified for its port and port of Acajutla is used for both commercial and domestic purpose as well and several cash crops are exported from port of Acajutla to different countries and domestic ferries are operated in the country and neighboring countries as well.

Acajutla is one of the prominent towns in the Sonsonate Department and there are lots of intercity buses plying to Acajutla from various parts of the country and other major transportation in the town are taxis, cars and buses.


Where to Stay in Acajutla?

Acajutla, a major port town in Sonsonate Department and has bounty to present for the sightseers visiting the place from time and again to have a sight of some of the best sites in Acajutla. The tourists can choose accommodation of their choice based on their budget, needs and necessities. Tourists can take lodging for little term stay as well as extensive term stays in such hotels. They can also book the hotels well in advance through online bookings. List of some of the hotels located in Acajutla is as follows:

  • Motel Y Restaurente Acajutla
  • Auto Hotel Puerto Escondido
  • Hotel Royal Decameron Salinitas
  • Hotel Decameron En El Salvador
  • Restaurante Y Hotel Brisas Marinas
  • Los Cobanos Village Lodge
  • Hotel Y Restaurante Vista Al Mar
  • Royal Decameron Salinitas
  • Las Veraneras

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