Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Suriname, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Suriname, America

Suriname is a country located in South America and legitimately called Republic of Suriname, is divided into three regions named as Surinamese East Coast, Surinamese West Coast and Surinamese Rainforest and has 10 administrative districts covering an area of 163,821 square kilometers (63,251 square miles). Paramaribo is the capital of the country and economy of the country depends on agriculture production, mining and trading. Suriname is surrounded by French Guiana, Guyana and Brazil and coordinates are 4.3000° N, 56.0000° W.


History of Suriname:

Suriname was explored by European nations during the 16th century but habitation was not found in the region. The Dutch established the settlement in the region along the Suriname River and later British established the colony in the country by defeating Dutch. The Dutch established the colonies and started plantations with the help of the native tribes and slaves from Africa were brought to the country who worked in their farms. The Dutch ruled the country until the year 1975 and Suriname became independent country in the year 1975.


Places to Visit in Suriname:

Brownsberg Nature Park:

Brownsberg Nature Park situated in the Brokopondo District around 120 kilometers south of Paramaribo city and the park is situated at an elevation of 500 meters above the sea level and home to distinct plant and animal species covered by neotropical rainforest which is home to hundreds of species.


Galibi Nature Reserve:

Galibi Nature Reserve is located at the mouth of the Marowijne River in the northeast tip of Suriname and covers an area of 4000 hectares of land area and the reserve is the nesting place for Oliver Ridley turtle and it is a protected reserve in the country.


Central Suriname Nature Reserve:

Central Suriname Nature Reserve is the UNESCO World Heritage Site spread along 1.6 million hectares of tropical forest and protected by the upper watershed of the Coppename River and surrounded by topography and ecosystem.


Fort Zeelandia:

Fort Zeelandia is the oldest port in the country constructed in the year 1651 by British colonists close to trading post, but the fort was planned by the Dutch and later it was returned to Dutch, is one of the must visit monuments in the country.


Other Places to visit in Suriname:

  • Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Royal Palm Gardens
  • Presidential Palace
  • Historical city center
  • Jodensavanne
  • Raleighvallen Nature Reserve
  • Nature Resort Kabalebo
  • Arya Dewaker Temple


Language and culture of Suriname:

Dutch is the official language of the country spoken by majority of the populaces in the country and Creole language is the spoken by the local tribes in the country followed by Suriname Hindi dialect from Bhojpuri. Christianity is the main religion followed in the country and Hinduism is the second largely followed religion followed by Islam.


Climate in Suriname:

Suriname is served by tropical climate with hot and humid climate and has two wet and dry seasons. Wet season is between April to August and from November to February and dry season is from August to November and February to April.


How to Reach Suriname?

Suriname has two international airports located in the Paramaribo city by name Vilegveld Zorg and Hoop Airport and Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport and handles domestic and international flights. All the cities in the country have Airstrip which can receive small flights. Suriname is still developing country and there is a small port in the country which operates small ferries to French Guiana. Buses are available from international border to Suriname countries which are operated by private groups.


Where to Stay in Suriname?

Suriname is surrounded by natural reserve and ecology and there are hotels in the country which provides accommodation to the tourists but most of the hotels are situated in capital city Paramaribo and hotels are designed for the comfort and lavishness of the tourists. Tourists can book the hotels prior visiting the country through online reservation and tour guides are also available. List of hotels in Suriname are listed below:

  • Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort
  • Best Western Elegance Hotel
  • De Lelie Hills Hotel and Casino
  • Kekemba Resort Paramaribo
  • Nature Resort Kabalebo
  • North Resort Hotel
  • Queens Hotel & Casino
  • Spanhoek Boutique Hotel
  • Torarica Hotel & Casino
  • Entresol Aparthotel
  • Guesthouse Albergo Alberga
  • La Petite Maison

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