Places to Visit in Maripasoula, French Guiana, America

Places to Visit in Maripasoula, French Guiana, America

Maripasoula is a community in French Guiana department in South America is a biggest community in France. Maripasoula has total area of 18,360 square kilometers (7088.84 square miles) is identified as the 14th largest city in the world by land area and lies at an altitude of 100 meters above the sea level.

Maripasoula is surrounded by Maripasoula airfield, Island Agoussou Tabiki, Hill Yaou, Mount Arachi Bacca, Mount Bellevue Maripasoula, Dock Degrad Bois Blanc and Island Zaou Tabiki and shares the border with Suriname department. Maripasoula is located at the distance of 230 kilometers from Cayenne, capital of French Guiana and coordinates are 3.6444° N, 54.0338° W.


Tourism in Maripasoula:

Maripasoula is located at the extreme location from the department close to the border of Suriname is situated along the river and in the lap of nature which makes it pleasant town. Maripasoula has some small restaurants which provide distinct cuisines and the big tree along the river will provides the amazing views of the surrounding area and neighboring department.


Places to see in Maripasoula:

Guiana Amazonian Park:

Guiana Amazonian Park is situated near Maripasoula town is one of the national parks of France surrounded by Amazonian forest. Amazonia forest spans over 20,300 square kilometers (7,840 square miles) and the largest protected rain forest in the world.


Maroni River:

Maroni River originates in Tumuk Humak Mountains close to the Maripasoula town is surrounded by lush greenery which provides the shelter to several birds and Leatherback Sea Turtles along the river is one of the must visit place in the department.


Interesting Places to see in and around Maripasoula:

  • Engraved Rock
  • Inselberg Susky


Weather in Maripasoula:

Maripasoula is surrounded by greenery and climate in the town is pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Maripasoula is from August to November.


Transportations to Maripasoula:

By Air:

Maripasoula Airport serves the town located at the distance of 3 kilometers from Maripasoula town which is located at an average elevation of 377 feet (115 meters) above the sea level and caters flights to Cayenne, Grand Santi, Saint-Laurent du Maroni and Saul city but only limited flights are available to Maripasoula town.

By Road:

Maripasoula is surrounded by mountain regions is connected by a small road to Maripasoula from neighboring town and village and flights are the best way to reach from other parts of the city in the department. Minivans and share taxis are available in the Maripasoula to visit nearby places.


Accommodation in Maripasoula:

Maripasoula is a remote village in the department surrounded by mountains and tourists can find few guest houses in the town along with small restaurants and camping facilities are available in the town. Guest houses in Maripasoula provides facilities like kitchen, single and double room, bathroom, living area, mosquito net, fan and garden and foods are available in nearby restaurants. Tourists are advised to hire a tour guide and check the travel details with tour operator in the department.

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