Tourist Places to Visit in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, America

Cap-Haitien is a city in the department of Nord in Haiti country on the Hispaniola Island. Cap-Haitien spans an area of 20.7 square miles (53.5 square kilometers) and the region was the capital of the French colony.  Cap-Haitien is renowned for the historical monuments and tourism destination in the country and the economy of the city is completely based on the tourism industry and the city is surrounded by a number of schools and universities.

Cap-Haitien is surrounded by Voudreuil, Acul-du-Nord, Quartier-Morin, Lan Moleur, Buclair, Bazin and Limbe and situated at the distance of 10 kilometers from Port-au-Prince, Capital of Haiti. Coordinates of Cap-Haitien are 19.7500° N, 72.2000° W.


History of Cap-Haitien:

Cap-Haitien was populated by indigenous people from Central America and South American, 1000 years ago. From 16th century Spanish colony was established in the region but due the spread of infectious diseases population of the indigenous population was reduced in the region. In the year early 18th century French captured the half of the island from Spain and established large sugar cane plantation in the city.


Places to Visit in Cap-Haitien:

Labadie Beach:

Labadie Beach is one of the major beaches in the country visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and major cruise ships stop at the dock near the beach that makes the beach one of the popular beaches in the country.



Vertieres is the battlefield where the Haitian Revolution fought between the locals and French Army and defeated the French Army.


Citadelle Laferriere:

Citadelle Laferriere is also identified as Citadelle Henri Christophe is the biggest fortress in the America which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1982.


Bois Caiman:

Bois Caiman is situated at the distance of 4 kilometers from Cap-Haitien city is a historical site where Vodou burial was executed under a tree at the beginning of the slave revolution.


Other Places to visit Cap-Haitien:

  • Morne Rouge
  • Sans-Souci Palace
  • Downtown


Climate in Cap-Haitien:

Cap-Haitien experiences hot and humid tropical savanna climatic conditions during summers with minimum rainfall. The place experiences maximum temperature during the summers which touches 30 degrees and minimum temperature during winter drops to a low of 18 degrees Celsius and best time to visit Cap-Haitien is from December to March.


How to Reach Cap-Haitien?

By Air:

Cap-Haitien International Airport is located at the distance of 5 kilometers from center of the city which operates domestic and international flights to cities like Miami, Port-au-Prince, Providenciales and Fort Lauderdale cities.


By Sea:

Cap-Haiti3en is served by Port international du Cap-Haitien is the major port in the country which receives cruise ships from Central, Northern and Southern America, Europe and Caribbean countries.


By Road:

Cap-Haitien is connected by National Highway 1 and 3 from the Port-au-Prince capital of Haiti and has the best transportation facilities in the country. Buses and taxis are the major mode of transportation in the city.


Where to Stay in Cap-Haitien?

Cap-Haitien is one of the prime tourist attractions in Haiti have lots to offer for the tourists visiting the place from time and again to have a glance of some of the best monuments and beaches situated in Cap-Haitien. Tourists can choose a hotel of their choice based on their budget, need and requirement. They can also book the hotels well in advance prior to visiting the city through online bookings. A list of some of the hotels located in Cap-Haitien is as follows:

  • Auberge au Picolet
  • Cormier Plage Resort
  • Hotel du Roi Christophe
  • Mont Joli
  • Rival Hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Habitation des Lauriers
  • Les Jardins de l’Ocean
  • Villa Creole du Cap

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