Places to Visit in Puerto San Julian, Argentina, America

Places to Visit in Puerto San Julian, Argentina, America

Puerto San Julian is a natural harbor (town) situated in Santa Cruz Province of Argentina between 49°18′ S latitude and 67°43′ W longitude at an elevation of 1 meter. It is situated about 2190 km from the capital city of the country, Buenos Aires and 360 km from Rio Gallegos, the capital of Santa Cruz Province.

Puerto San Julian is currently one of the major harbors in the south side of the country and it also receives tourists from all around the province for its pleasant environment and different water sport activities.


History of Puerto San Julian:

Puerto San Julian was visited by famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan on 31 March 1520 and he named ‘San Julian’. It also witnessed 1982 Falklands War.


How to reach Puerto San Julian?

Puerto San Julian has an airport, named Capitán José Daniel Vazquez Airport which has limited connection. So the nearest major airport to Puerto San Julian is Piloto Civil Norberto Fernández International Airport located in Rio Gallegos, around 350 km away from the centre of Puerto San Julian.

There are scheduled buses accessible to reach Puerto San Julian from Rio Gallegos, served by both private and public bus companies.

To get around and to reach the airport, tourists can use taxi or rental cars.


Food and Shopping in Puerto San Julian:

The major restaurants in Puerto San Julian are as follows:

  • NAOS Restaurant
  • D’Angela
  • La Rural
  • Costanera Restaurant
  • Don Esteban

San Julian is also known for its modern and traditional shopping centres offering quality products at the best price.


Places of interest in Puerto San Julian:

Nao Museum Victoria:

Nao Museum Victoria showcases on the visit of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan on 31 March 1520. Beside history, it also exhibits navigational instruments and information on local culture and events. Tourists are allowed between 08.00 am and 21.30 pm (Monday to Sunday).


Pioneer Museum:

Pioneer Museum is open from morning 8 to evening 8 from Monday to Friday. It displays stones and other objects that found at the archeological site, Floridablanca which was first fort and colony was established by Antonio de Viedma in 1780. Entrance is free.

Craft Center:

Craft Center of Puerto San Julian is open from 7:00 to 18:30 pm (Monday to Friday). It exhibits and offers a variety of pottery and handicraft items made by locals.


Other places of interest near Puerto San Julian include:

  • Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicelli
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Luján
  • Kirchner Mausoleum
  • Gallegos River
  • Gallegos River
  • Santa Cruz Port
  • Glaciares National Park
  • Laguna Azul
  • Glaciares National Park
  • Perito Moreno National Park
  • Santa Cruz Port
  • Perito Moreno National Park
  • Deseado Port


Best time to visit Puerto San Julian:

Throughout the year is best, especially the months of the summer season will be ideal to travel Puerto San Julian.


Accommodation options in Puerto San Julian:

Puerto San Julian is a small and typical town filled with many natural sceneries and man-made attractions. Most of San Julian hotels are recently renovated with latest facilities and services to serve tourists visiting the place throughout the year. Here is the list of the best hotels in and around Puerto San Julian:

  • Hotel Bahia
  • Hotel municipal Costanera
  • Hosteria Miramar
  • Hosteria Posada de Rake-Casa de Te
  • Hotel Ocean
  • Hotel Santa Cruz
  • Hotel Aire de Patagonia
  • Apart Hotel Austral
  • Hotel Patagonia
  • Hotel Comercio
  • Costa Rio Apart Hotel
  • Bella Vista Lodge
  • Casa de Familia Elcira Cantreras
  • Hotel Cabo Virgenes
  • Estancia Monte Dinero
  • Sleepers Inn Hostel

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