Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rio Gallegos, Argentina, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rio Gallegos, Argentina, America

Rio Gallegos is the capital city of Santa Cruz province in the southern Argentina, situated around 2540 km south of Buenos Aires. It belongs to Guer Aike department, is situated between 51°38′ S latitude and 69°13′ W longitude at an elevation of 20 meters. Rio Gallegos features a cold semi-arid climate with relatively dry, windy and cold climate.

Rio Gallegos has rich flora and fauna resources including Grey foxes and birds such as chingolo, Chilean flamingo, upland goose and thrush and the plants like oxalis, violets, paper flowers, calceolarias, hipoqueris and mata arrears.


History of Rio Gallegos:

Rio Gallegos got its name from Gallegos River. It was established on 19 December 1885 by Ramon Lista and was formed as a capital of Santa Cruz territory in 1888.


Connectivity to Rio Gallegos:

Rio Gallegos is served by Piloto Civil Norberto Fernández International Airport with connections to Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Mar del Plata, Río Grande, Trelew, Esquel, Punta Arenas, Santiago de Chile, Mount Pleasant and many other major locations.

PCNFIA is situated 10 km from the heart of the city and there are taxis always available at the airport.

The major bus station of Rio Gallegos is placed 3 km away from the city centre with scheduled bus services to Rio Grande and Ushuaia.


Food and Shopping in Rio Gallegos:

Rio Gallegos is a pleasant city housing many branded cloth showrooms, retail outlets as well as traditional handicraft shops all around the city.

The major food corners in Rio Gallegos are as follows:

  • British Club Restaurant
  • Delicias de la Abuela
  • Neneo Restaurante
  • La Abuela Goye
  • Parrilla Diaz
  • El Bodegon


Things to do in Rio Gallegos:

  • Shopping
  • Visit museums


Places of interest in Rio Gallegos:

Pioneer Museum:

Pioneer Museum was constructed during the late 19th and early 20th century. This historical standing house of the city is open from 10 am to 7:30 pm every day. Entrance is free.


Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicelli:

Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicelli is an art museum which has nice collection ancient artifacts and famous artist’s different works. Admission is free.


Cathedral of Our Lady of Luján:

Cathedral of Our Lady of Luján is one of the major worship places in Rio Gallegos renowned for its construction and holiness. Tourists can spot clock in the middle of the entrance of the museum.


Other places of interest in Rio Gallegos include:

  • Kirchner Mausoleum
  • Gallegos River
  • The Calafe
  • Gallegos River
  • The Calafe
  • Glaciares National Park
  • Perito Moreno National Park
  • Deseado Port
  • Santa Cruz Port
  • Perito Moreno National Park
  • Deseado Port
  • Santa Cruz Port
  • Glaciares National Park
  • Laguna Azul


Best time to visit Rio Gallegos:

Probably summer months will be best to travel Rio Gallegos.


Accommodation options in Rio Gallegos:

Rio Gallegos has many reputed hotels providing top class hospitality services for tourists who visit the city from time to time. Other than facilities and services, hotels also serve guests with authentic Argentinean cuisines at reasonable prices. Some major facilities offered by Rio Gallegos hotels are spa, doctor on call, internet connectivity, elevators, 24 hour room service and airport shuttle. Advance booking will be better to get hotel rooms as per the requirement and budget conditions of tourists. A list of prominent hotels in Rio Gallegos is:

  • Apart Hotel Austral
  • Hotel Patagonia
  • Hotel Santa Cruz
  • Hotel Aire de Patagonia
  • Hotel Sehuen
  • Hotel Comercio
  • Hotel Paris
  • Costa Rio Apart Hotel
  • Hotel Cabo Virgenes
  • Estancia Monte Dinero
  • Sleepers Inn Hostel
  • Bella Vista Lodge
  • Casa de Familia Elcira Cantreras


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