Tourist Places to Visit in Barcelona, Venezuela, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Barcelona, Venezuela, America

Barcelona is the capital city of the Anzoátegui State in Venezuela covering an area of 76.5 sq. km. It is widely renowned for historical monuments, beaches, resorts and is also the gateway to the most popular ‘Mochima National Park’.


Geography of Barcelona:

Barcelona is placed on the northern coast of Venezuela between 10°07′ N latitude and 64°43′ W longitude, 13 meters above the sea level, around 310 km southeast of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.


History of Barcelona:

Barcelona was initially founded as Nueva Barcelona del Cerro Santo by Spanish conquistador Joan Orpi and later it was re-founded in the year 1671 is around 2 km away from the first settlement. The major historical identities of Barcelona are Museo de Anzoátegui, Iglesia El Carmen and Catedral de San Cristobal.


How to reach Barcelona?

General José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport in Barcelona handles flights to domestic locations such as Caracas, Maturin, Porlamar and international destinations like Miami, Panama City and Curacao.

Barcelona also has good connectivity with other major cities of Venezuela through roadways by regular bus services. There are also ferries running between Barcelona and nearby islands including Margarita Island.

To move within the city and to reach tourist destinations and airport visitors can use taxi or local buses.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Barcelona:

Barcelona is a culturally one of the richest cities in Venezuela with numerous colonial cathedrals, buildings, museums, archeological sites and plazas.

Due to the visit of abundance of tourists from all around the world, there are plenty of food corners with international menu established all around the city. Barcelona houses both traditional and modernized shopping centres.


What to do in Barcelona?

  • Visiting historical sites
  • Beach combing


Tourist Attractions in Barcelona:

The Shrine of Nuestra Senora del Carmen:

Barcelona houses all the kinds of tourist attractions including beaches, cathedrals, historical sites and museums. The Shrine of Nuestra Señora del Carmen is one of the main religious attractions of Barcelona which was constructed in typical neoclassical architectural style.

The Museo de la Tradición:

The Museo de la Tradición is a traditional museum holding around 400 indigenous crafts and sculpture related to the history and culture of Barcelona. It was built in 1671, great collection must visit.


Plaza Boyacá:

Plaza Boyacá is the central square of Barcelona dedicated to Major General José Antonio Anzoátegui with his statue. It is adjoined by the Government House and the Iglesia de San Cristóbal.


List of other places of interest in Barcelona include:

  • Cathedral of San Cristóbal of Barcelona
  • Casa de la Cultura
  • Basílica del Cristo de Jose
  • Casa Fuerte de Barcelona:
  • Plaza Bolívar
  • Theater Cajigal
  • Plaza Miranda
  • Plaza de La Raza
  • Antigua Aduana
  • Royal Bridge
  • Ruins of San Felipe Neri
  • Naricual Hot Springs
  • Bergantín Resorts
  • Chimana Holiday Resorts


Best time to visit Barcelona:

Throughout the year is best to visit Barcelona, especially summer months will be supportive for beach exploration.


Accommodation options in Barcelona:

Barcelona is famous for colonial buildings and beaches as well as top class hotels and resorts that offer different latest tourist favor facilities and services such as airport shuttle, spa, internet connectivity, 24 hour room service and restaurant. A list of the major hotels in Barcelona and neighboring cities includes:

  • Bergantin Resorts
  • Chimana Holiday Resorts
  • Punta Palma Hotel & Marina
  • Oasis Hotel
  • Hotel El Dorado Suites
  • Mariano Cubi Apart Hotel
  • Le Petit Jardin
  • Posada Bahia del Mar
  • Posada Sonho Meu
  • Hotel Venetur Mar Caribe
  • Posada Vista Montana
  • osada Exclusiva Turpialito
  • Posada San Francisco,
  • Posada Playa Colorada
  • Posada Eva Maria

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