Best Tourist Places to Visit in Caracas, Venezuela, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Caracas, Venezuela, America

Caracas is the capital and largest city of Venezuela placed in the northern side of the country at 10°30′ N 66°55′ W. It is one of the most urbanized cities in America holding the headquarters of the most of the large scale companies of Venezuela.

The major identities of Caracas include Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex, Federal Capital, National Pantheon and The Caracas East Park.


Geography of Caracas:

Caracas covers a total area of 2373 sq. km at an elevation of 900 meters and enjoys a tropical savanna climate with an annual average temperature of 23.8 °C. January (22.8 °C) is the coldest month and July (25.0 °C) is the warmest month in Caracas.


History of Caracas:

The Spanish conqueror Diego de Losada was the founder of Caracas, founded on 25 July 1567. It became the capital of Venezuela Province in 1577 and Captaincy General of Venezuela in 1777 during the Spanish colonial period.


How to reach Caracas?

Simón Bolívar International Airport is the airport serving Caracas located around 32 km away from the downtown Caracas with scheduled flights to most of the major European and South American and North American cities.

Caracas is served with two types of bus systems such as traditional system and the Metrobús. Autobuses are large and Camioneta are medium size buses catering Caracas city.

Caracas also has upgraded metro train system and taxis and minivans are common in the city.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Caracas:

Caracas is the cultural capital of Venezuela with numerous reputed colonial buildings, churches, universities, museums and theaters.

The Centro Comercial Millenium Mall is one of the major shopping centres in Caracas and the major food corners in Caracas are as follows:

  • Granjero del Este
  • Maute Grill
  • Mamma Mia
  • La Estancia
  • La Romanina


What to do in Caracas?

  • The Teleferico
  • Paragliding Colonia Tovar Venezuela
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Caracas:

The Caracas East Park:

Situated in the heart of the city, The Caracas East Park (locally called Parque del Este) features a small zoo and the Leander which is a replica of the ship placed in the southern part of the park. The park was projected by Brazilian architect Roberto Burle Marx.


Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex:

Being a prominent theatre of the country and the 2nd largest theatre of South America (behind Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires), Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex or Teresa Carreño Theatre is the site of major cultural exhibitions.


National Pantheon:

Located in the north of Plaza Bolívar in the old town of Caracas, The National Pantheon was a church earlier and was dedicated to national heroes in 1874 by Antonio Guzmán Blanco as a cemetery.


List of other places of interest in Caracas includes:

  • Federal Capital
  • Simon Bolivar birthplace house
  • Parque Central Complex
  • Plaza Venezuela
  • Plaza Bolívar
  • Plaza Caracas
  • Plaza San Jacinto
  • El Hatillo
  • Cerro El Ávila
  • Las Mercede
  • The Caracas Cathedral
  • The Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim
  • The Union Israelita de Caracas
  • The Iglesia de San Francisco
  • Simón Bolívar University


Best time to visit Caracas:

The best time to enjoy holidays in Caracas is during the beginning and ending months of the year.


Accommodation options in Caracas:

Caracas being one of the major tourist destinations in Venezuela has plenty to offer for the tourists visiting the place from time to time. Visitors can choose hotels as per their requirement and budget and list of reputed hotels in Caracas include:

  • Renaissance Caracas La Castellana Hotel
  • Eurobuilding Hotel and Suites
  • Gran Melia Caracas Hotel
  • JW Marriott Hotel Caracas
  • Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes
  • Montana Suites Hotel
  • Hotel Plaza de Venezuela
  • Lincoln Suites Venantur
  • Hotel Chacao Cumberland
  • Puerto Viejo Hotel And Marina
  • Hotel Chacao & Suites
  • Posada de la Vida
  • Hotel Miramar Suites
  • Hotel Boulevard Suites
  • Hato el Cedral
  • Dal Bo Hostel

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